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Houston Astros Cheating

Diamond (2020) dwells about the “Codebreaker” scandal of 2016-2017 with the Houston Astros baseball team. Though there are many speculations and suggestions, it is hard to know all details for sure. The article tells readers about the cheating formula created by some of the Astros’ team members and staff. It...

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College Admissions Cheating Scandal

Part I The specific issue in each of the college admissions cheating scandals that have taken place over the past few years, especially the one that is currently unfolding, is a total lack of integrity, honesty and personal responsibility. Wealthy parents, from actresses to business executives to coaches, padded the...

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Enron Case Study

Section 1: Introduction and Situational Analysis The Enron scandal, which erupted in 2001, was created by a complex blend of unethical business practices. First, executives at the Enron Company took advantage of the then-unregulated public utilities market, and began to sell commodities such as natural gas and electricity at market...

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White Collar Crimes Essay

13VSA2001 False Personation - pretending to be someone else to get money/goods/other One of the easiest ways to falsely personate another would be easily carried out by an identical twin or a sibling who was very close in age and closely resembled their sibling. A twin could obtain a copy...

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CSR at Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is in the spotlight again for allegations of unethical behavior following the recent scandal of fraudulent consumer activity performed by employees, some of whom were fired when attempting to bring attention to the unethical issue. One-fourth of the banking Big Four has been added to the list of...

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