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Fraud Casebook: Lessons from the Bad Side of Business Case Study

Joseph Jones is the CEO of American Men’s Clothing and he has used money from the company for various means including to cover personal bills and purchases. He has also used this money to defraud his former clients out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Further, he is making restitution...

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Tax Fraud and Fiscal System

Tax fraud is as old as the first fiscal system. First of all, people are not really willing to share the money they gained by their own blood and tears with something as abstract as the state for the purposes, which are not always clear. Secondly, there is no perfect...

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Analysis of the Economical Implications of Tax Fraud in the United States

Tax fraud in the United States is the process by which individuals intentionally evade taxes or mislead their tax affairs to National Authorities in order to save funds and avoid having to pay large taxes on such entities as income and capital gain on investments. Tax Fraud can take a...

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Rio Tinto Fraud and the Future of Compliance

The case that I will be examining is that of Rio Tinto, a wealthy mining company, who was charged with fraud in October 2017. The issue at hand was the act of inflating the value of assets in the business. The assets were reportedly worth $3.7 billion, but were sold...

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How to Steal A Million Dollars Without Taking the Cash

There are two main lessons to be learned from this case. Firstly, improved employee oversight and incident response practices are required to prevent and better contain the damage of employee negligence/malpractice. Secondly, these oversight practices may not work for every business, and it thus may be better to move these...

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