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How to Steal A Million Dollars Without Taking the Cash

There are two main lessons to be learned from this case. Firstly, improved employee oversight and incident response practices are required to prevent and better contain the damage of employee negligence/malpractice. Secondly, these oversight practices may not work for every business, and it thus may be better to move these...

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Email Scams and Auction Fraud

The resources available on the Anti-Phishing Working group site include information on where consumers and business can be better informed on common scams, as well as methods to report suspected fraud. The first site linked is the Better Business Bureau's Scam Stopper site, which offers a way for individuals to...

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Digital Fraud Investigation

IntroductionRadical changes that are taking place in organizations today do not only affect data management, business intelligence, and business informatics; the changes are also responsible for the rapid evolution and metamorphosis of the accounting practices in the financial sectors. Unlike many years back, accountants maintain few physical financial records and...

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Fraud Research Paper: Satyam Computer Services

Satyam Computer Services, an Indian-based technology company, committed an accounting fraud on such a grand scale it has been called the Enron of India. Satyam was the fourth biggest technology company in India (Government Accountability Project, 2017). Its downfall reinforced the need for auditing oversight over a firm’s cash balance...

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Accounting Fraud Case

Assuming I owned a restaurant with more than three employees, I would need to take many steps in order to protect my company from fraudulent use of cash. For instance, I would need to have technology in place to ensure that every order was accounted for. Much fraud in these...

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