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Auto Insurance Fraud Case

Auto insurance fraud is very real, with thousands of cases being submitted daily (Car Documentary Videos, 2013). In order to understand what auto insurance fraud is and how it affects a population or society, it is necessary to not only define and describe the process, but to make the concept...

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Structural Equation Model of Employee Satisfaction, Income, Lifestyle, and Fraud Intentions

Research DesignThe research design for this study uses structural equation modeling (SEM) to examine structural relations between variables representing employee satisfaction, income, and lifestyle with to determine the attitude and motivation of public servants to commit fraud. SEM is useful in determining relationships between attitudes and behaviors, among others, that...

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Enron Fraud Case & Sarbanes – Oxley

Enron fraud case is widely investigated by the experts in financial sector. The collapse of this company in the end of 2001 is regarded as an important lesson and experience for other organizations on the importance of application of the professional and work ethics (Albeksh, 2016). The beginning of the...

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Ethics/Social Responsibility – What a Fraud!

Tight job markets with an excess of applicants over positions result in many job seekers committing fraud to try to rise higher in the candidate pool. It has been estimated that thirty percent of all candidates will engage in some sort of deception in these circumstances in order to stand...

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Fraud and Abuse in Health Care Delivery

Fraud and abuse of the system are common issues in health care delivery. Individuals who engage in fraud and abuse are often seeking to gain access to the millions of dollars that are available for provision of medical care, whether that be through government schemes such as Medicare and Medicaid...

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