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Mortgage Investment Fraud

Abstract During crime treatment in prisons such as the one that is available in various facilities across correctional explanations, it is important to ensure the understanding the effects of drugs such as marijuana in improving the attainment of what would be ‘addiction in coloration to crime prevalence.’ It also becomes...

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Paradise Lost Fraud Case

One clear lesson learned from the Paradise Lost case is the importance of extensive and clear documentation in preventing and/or punishing instances of fraud. For example, one of the strongest and potentially successful elements of Bob’s defence strategy was to capitalize on the irregularities in documentary evidence that resulted from...

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Fraud Risk Assessment

Fraud is a serious threat facing every company in its operations. Fraud in organizations is classified into three main categories: intentional misrepresentation of financial information; misuse of tangible and intangible resources of an organization and corruption (Đorđević & Đukić, 2015). The specific activities which constitute fraud in organizations include concealment...

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Fraud Medical Billing

Part 1Fraud medical billing can be described as the act of filing false medical cost reports, billing for healthcare services that are not provided, up coding and consequently overutilization amongst other acts of healthcare frauds (Henry, 2015). Consequently, studies have proved that the underlying rates of medical frauds have increased...

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Europe’s Enron: Royal Ahold., N.V. Case Study

Summary of the CaseThe company was started in 1887 as Heijn purchased “a small grocery store from his father, which “was located in Oostzaan,” found on “the Dutch peninsula known as North Holland, also one of The Netherlands provinces” (Knapp & Knapp, 2007). Heijn was known as being “frugal and...

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