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Cyber Fraud And Its Impact

In 2014 an estimated 93 percent of financial services organizations experienced cyber attacks and threats, with more than 52 percent having a reimbursement policy of all losses related to cyber crimes not being investigated, resulting in a "financial data loss between $66,000 - $938,000, depending on the size of the...

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Welfare And Disability Fraud

Disability fraud involves faking information to obtain benefits that are not entitled to a person (Tunley 304). Sometimes, people may feign a medical problem to be declared physically challenged while others may exaggerate an existing medical problem that does not render them disabled for them to continue receiving the payments,...

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Fraud and Audit Standards

This matter concerns an audit of Jersey Johnnie’s Surfboards Inc., and allegations concerning accounting improprieties and concerns regarding accurate financial reporting. Internal investigation has been commenced, and outside legal counsel has been engaged to review the matter. 1. In response to the foregoing, company management, the Board of Directors, or...

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Ethical Analysis of Walt Pavlo’s MCI Scams

Background of the case Walt Pavlo began his employment at MCI in 1992 and quickly rose up to get the second highest position in the company’s finance department. In the period that he spent at the firm, Pavlo took part in some fraud cases on both the business as well...

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Wells Fargo Bank Fraud Case

Requirement 1In light of big business scandals that have surfaced over the past few decades, large corporations have been put under the magnifying glass to ensure they are not operating in a dishonest manner. Wells Fargo is still under investigation for the millions of accounts that have been opened without...

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