After accessing and analyzing different free website hosting service providers including GoogleSites, Homestead, Freehosting and, I have ascertained that is the best free website hosting service providers. The free website hosting service providers did not have forced advertisements which made them very effective. They all did not have banners or pop-up advertisements (Homestead, 2016). However, Homestead and significantly focused on offering minimum hosting features. This is while GoogleSites, and offer additional features that allow businesses to effectively store website’s files on their servers as well as enjoy other hosting features. For instance, they offer the users with wizards that automatically build websites and they allow free Data Transfer in line with offering them with free bandwidth. They also allow form-based uploading (FREEHOSTING, 2016).
The free website hosting service provider has an edge over GoogleSites because it includes services such as downloadable web page editors no file size limit, free space for web hosting storage, free hosting with new domain registration, free multilingual control panel and FTP, CGI, PHP5, MySQL, PYTHON, ROR, CRON and File Manager. Furthermore, FREEHOSTING (FREEHOSTING, 2016).com facilitates the interactions within the business as well as with the external parties such as consumers and suppliers. This makes it the most appropriate free website hosting provider. Some of the services it provides are shown in the image below.

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In selecting an appropriate website hosting provider and launching an intranet, it is first important to ensure that the intranet fulfills all the key criteria of your organization. This involves evaluating different service providers as well as the features and effectiveness of their features. The next aspect would be to evaluate the benefits and value added that you expect to receive from the intranet, against the values and benefits you accrue through the adoption of a prototype. Prototypes are very essential because they help provide your organization with an overview of how the intranet is expected to work. What the adoption of the prototype will achieve includes pointing out to how effectively the intranet takes into consideration other key features such as its usability, as well as its security features.