Freedom refers to the capacity of an individual to act in such a way that he or she produces a desired result. There are two terms that are used differently. ‘Freedom to’ implies the individuals’ capabilities to make informed choices from many alternatives at their best interests. ‘Freedom from’ connotes a way to enlarge the options. The word is usually used in connection with slavery, whereby it entails not being confined to one mode of economic existence, but one with many alternatives. On the other hand, equality refers to a situation that one obtains an option when two or more people have the same set of options available. It is important to state that there are many people who are recognized for fighting for freedom and equality in the world. In addition, the Bible advocates equality of all human beings. However, this has not been the case because there are people who view themselves more superior than others.

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Prominent activists of freedom and equality, especially in America include Martin Luther Kind Jr., Spike Lee’s Malcolm X, and Beverly Daniel Tatum. Nevertheless, the Bible has been referenced during campaigns for freedom and equality, particularly by Martin Luther King Jr. Exodus is widely acknowledged because it gave the Israelites hope of being delivered from the bondage of the Egyptians. All the activists aforementioned were against slavery and racism and both advocated for freedom and equality. Malcolm X challenged the white Americans to think and talk differently about the race. In fact, he challenged them to examine and reform policies and practices regarding the widespread racial discrimination. He is remembered for advocating respect for human rights. Martin Luther King Jr. also fought for freedom and equality, although used a different strategy. He wrote a letter while he was in prison in Birmingham Jail, whereby he had been arrested because of participating in peaceful demonstrations against segregation.

The letter defended the nonviolent resistance against racism and racial discrimination that had become rampant in America. Daniel Tatum focused on the racial identity development and the challenges of having conversations concerning race. The activist differentiates the term race from prejudice by defining the two terms. Tatum describes racism as a system, whereby some gain because they belong to a particular race while considers discrimination as an opinion that is made because of limited information. It is notable that Tatum has written articles and used them as an approach to talking about slavery. In the Bible, the book of Exodus outlines how the Israelites suffered under the Egyptians. However, God freed them from the Egyptians’ bondage. Led by Moses, the people moved out of Egypt and went to the Promised Land.

It is critical to underscore that the equality and freedom activists fought for their fellow citizens. All of them were against racism. However, their approach differed slightly. Malcolm X utilized a firebrand approach to human right and social change and held that the best way to get freedom was to identify with the oppressed in the world. On the other hand, Martin Luther King Jr. used a letter that he wrote to defend the clergy and the nonviolent resistance to racism. Daniel Tatum wrote articles regarding the issue and attempted to show the people the adverse effects racism had on the people. It is important to indicate that the Bible was widely used by Martin Luther King Jr. to unite the black Americans and give them confidence. He equated the struggle for equality with the modern day exodus, whereby he used the bible tale to give the human rights activists a structure to follow. He used many phrases from Exodus to give the people hope. Thus, it is right to state that racism was widespread in America, whereby the white discriminated against the black Americans. The activists, especially Martin Luther King Jr., played an important role in fighting for freedom and equality. Notably, the journey to freedom and equality was not a smooth ride, but it was characterized by many challenges, such as arrest, detentions, and murder.