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The Amish

Family and church are the two strongest institutions in Amish culture and serve to unite the community. Each feeds into the other. While families make up a congregation, they are also influenced by the conservatism of the church. This is because churches impose social rules and orders for the Amish...

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Religious Freedom

The United States was founded upon the principles of freedom of religion. Our history as a country implores us to remember the importance of this right. Everyone has the right to believe in and to practice whatever religion appeals to their humanity and their souls. However, in recent years, there...

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Freedom and Equality

Freedom refers to the capacity of an individual to act in such a way that he or she produces a desired result. There are two terms that are used differently. ‘Freedom to’ implies the individuals' capabilities to make informed choices from many alternatives at their best interests. ‘Freedom from’ connotes...

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The Attack on Truth: Critique Paper

In his 2015 article “The Attack on Truth,” Lee McIntyre, a research fellow at Boston University, argues that the humanity has entered “an age of willful ignorance.” McIntyre (2015) uses the term “willful ignorance” to describe the tendency of humans to base their beliefs on intuition rather than fact, when...

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