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Types of Friendships

We encounter numerous types of relationships throughout our lives. Some relationships are insignificant while others have tremendous impact on our lives. Similarly, some relationships are temporary while others last lifetime. Friends are important in life because they often turn out to be our greatest support system during difficult phases of...

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Online Only vs. Traditional Friendships: A Comparison

Friendships come in various shapes and sizes. For many centuries, a friendship was defined in a traditional manner. This was the affection, trust, and companionship that two or more people developed through ongoing interaction that could only be developed through shared engagement via socializing in person. However, thanks to advances...

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Why Friendships End

People are often confused when friendships end. They do not understand how a close connection can erode, and a strong relationship suddenly seem to no longer be in place. The reality, however, is that there are always reasons why a friendship ends. The reasons are not always immediately clear, but...

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What Is Friendship

This paper is focused on trying to provide a definition for friendship. It is suggested to discuss friendship as a backbone of any individual’s social life. This comparison is given in order to show that social life of an individual entirely depends on friendship, and though it is possible to...

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Aristotle’s Highest Friendship: A Modern Reality

Friendship is a condition universal to humankind: everyone experiences it, and yet very few people stop to consider it in detail. Friendships can often bring as much pain as pleasure, and can be complex and confusing. What is friendship? What are the conditions for friendship? How can you tell whether...

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What Friends Are For

Dear Rashed, Our friendship is so strong, I think, that it can withstand my sharing with you some ideas that have been on my mind lately. We have actually done this sort of thing before, when we exchange comments and spur each other on in thinking through whatever is concerning...

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Male versus Female Friendship

“You have always been there to guide me. But, have never hold me down. Friends Forever.” (Unknown). Although friendship is a genderless phenomenon and it can be experienced by any human being, we will consider the differences between male and female types of friendship. It has been observed that female...

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