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Close Friendship

When I think of friendship, I think about a relationship between two people that comes in the form of a deep personal bond. The best thing about friendship is that unlike family, who someone is bonded to by blood and often has no choice in the matter, one chooses their...

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Being Friendly

The concept of being friendly is something that most people encounter every day. Most dictionaries define the word friendly as being warm, open, and comforting, as opposed to argumentative and antagonistic. As individuals deal with waking up spouses and children in the morning, interact with their people with diverse personalities...

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A Friend

To me, a friend is someone you can trust, to whom you can tell anything, who do not stay with you in good times only but also in bad times, and who are always there for you when you need them. A friend should be like your brother or sister;...

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Categorizing Friendship

There are the people who make your long days in the office feel just a little bit shorter, and there are people who know every detail of your life. What makes one person a friend and another just a coworker? According to Judith Viorst in her article “Friends, Good Friends...

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3 Types of Friends

Edna Buchnan, a famous American author of crime mystery novels once said, “Friends are the family we get to choose for ourselves.” Indeed, friends are just as important as family members for many of us, and because we can choose them, they may even matter more than some of our...

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