For any business to achieve success in the modern market, it must devise a creative design mix intended for easing competition. It should, therefore, consider aligning its locality, pricing, store arrangement and design, and customer service among others to attract customers in order to stay competitive and profitable. Good leadership is vital too as it dictates the company’s direction.
The House of S.T. Bhatia is an all-round business group that is famous for its inventive strategy to its business operations, and distribution. The company is conveniently located in the various northern seaports of the United Arab Emirates which include Khorfakkan, Ajman, Sharjah, Jebel Ali Free Zone, and Fujairah which provide good immediacy for travelers as well as port users in need of purchasing items and fine dining at the seaport.

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Good leadership is key to the success of The House of S. T. Bhatia. The organization ensures to hire professionals with good academic credentials and a good experience in the highly competitive market. As such, Mr. Rajeev Bhatia who is the owner and director of the company is keen to steering the company into greater heights as it strives to reach its limit in the industry.
Mr. Bhatia is a Marketing and Corporations communications graduate from Richmond in the United Kingdom. He is also a student of the Harvard Business School where he is currently pursuing a comprehensive leadership program. His expertise has seen the uplifting of the organization’s brand image. His exposure to the western markets has also helped in adding invaluable insights into the business. He is supported by a team of competitive professionals who help to drive the business to its success.

The House of S. K. Bhatia offers a variety of services. These services are designed to meet the need of the client, whether it be shopping for luxury duty free products or fine dining to the purchase of premium duty-free items. Customers can enjoy shopping for a wide range of products from the company’s seaports located at the northern emirates. The company has provided for online shopping duty free to customers. Shoppers can peruse through the catalogues and pick their items of choice from the extensive selection of listings which include beauty products, international spirit and liquor brands, and electronic gadgets among others. Seamen can also enjoy fine dining at the company’s seamen’s clubs that are exclusive to seamen. Seamen can also enjoy other recreational activities such as Television, billiards, table tennis among other sports games, newspapers and library services, cheap telephone booth services as well as restaurant, hostelry, and cafeteria.

Duty free stores
The organization boasts of inimitably designed duty-free stores at these localities. These spacious stores handle different kinds of items that are neatly arranged on the shelves according to type. Items range from electronic gadgets to mobile phones to wine, body products, and confectionery. Other products to find in these stores include tobacco, cigarettes, garments, luggage, perfume, toiletries, and health care products among others.

With such a neat display, customers can walk in and shop comfortably for any item that they wish to purchase as the House of Bhatia stores guarantee availability of almost every brand a client would need.

Customer care and employee improvement
S. T. Bhatia understands the worth of human assets as is guided by its mission. As such, the company endeavors to improve the experience of both customer and employees. It does so for its customers by providing excellent customer care, and training for its employees which leaves them competitive in the job market. Customer care is an essential element as businesses depends on customers for their survival and success. A happy customer equals a happy business. The House of S. T. Bhatia understands this concept and, therefore, emphasizes on the need for good customer service to all their clients. A customer who visits The House of S. T. Bhatia leaves satisfied with the exceptional experience offered by the staff at these stores. This is achieved through strategic human resources approaches that allow for numerous staff training programs which help their workers to appreciate the value of the customer. Once they understand this concept, they begin to learn how to handle Bhatia customers with proficiency so that each customer experience stays unique and memorable to the shoppers. Shoppers from various backgrounds can go about their shopping business within the stores and be sure to receive excellent a pleasant experience as the dedicated team of professionals from the company cater to their customer needs. In addition to that, The House of S. T. Bhatia endeavors to gaining the confidence of their clients by delivering quality products and services at all times. The firm also understands the importance of creating and maintaining business relationships. It, therefore, makes an effort to ensure that it nurtures such relationships with trust and loyalty. Its competitive advantage on this aspect is that it has bettered itself within the thirty years it has been in business.

Each store is designed to cater to different populations. The company serves different populations including the US Navy, cargo ships and cruise liners. It also seeks to expand internationally in the quest of taking its services close to its customers. Africa is one viable market where The House of S. T. Bhatia wishes to strategically position itself. The House of S. T. Bhatia has also partnered with the Mission To Seafarers through its collaboration with the Flying Angel Project. Here, the company operates a duty-free shop inside the Flying Angel ship. It also goes and provides necessities to the seamen at the Fujairah anchorage.

Media coverage
The House of S. T. Bhatia enjoys good publicity owing to its dedicated responsibility to its customers. As such, several magazines and news companies have covered feature stories about the organization. One such feature story can be found in the Gulf Africa duty free magazine, a prominent online business magazine in the Middle East.