Along with perseverance and diligence, education is crucial in advancing one’s career as well as their impact on the world. In order to advance my career to become a future policy maker, it is essential that I continue my education through the Fulbright Program in order to obtain a Master’s degree in public policy with a specialization in public policy analysis. Through this program, my career goals can be achieved and I can strive to make a difference in the lives of civilians in Pakistan and all over the world.
My background and experience as a career-minded woman in Pakistan has aspired me to do all I can to encourage and support others in pursuing their dreams. I know that through advancing my education and in turn, my career, I can greatly assist the population as a whole. For example, I can work towards developing public programs which will provide educational opportunities for young girls and women from the primary school level all the way through the university level. Such programs are essential in empowering Pakistani females to pursue an education and career opportunities in a society where such opportunities are generally afforded to men and the wealthy. Additionally, I hope to work towards developing a system of affordable education which will help close the gap between the impoverished and the wealthy, allowing for social mobility and prosperity among those who are born into poverty.

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Before I am able to work toward these goals, further education in public policy is essential. Through specializing in public policy analysis and developing a solid knowledge foundation upon which to build my career, I will be able to further advance my career as an able public administrator in Pakistan. While I have already come quite far in my career, achieving a higher level of education in public policy will greatly assist me in achieving my goals sooner than I would be able to without the support of a well-rounded education.

Further, focusing my future education around a specialization in public policy analysis will provide me with the tools necessary to analyze current policies and better understand the policy development process. A public policy analysis concentration will prepare me to look at current policies from a critical standpoint, with the proper analytical tools and knowledge on how to best process public sector data in order to make informed decisions about current and future policies. Given my background, such a specialization will provide me with a solid foundation upon which to further develop my career and make a difference in my country.

The Fulbright Program will enable me to further my education and become the administrator I dream of becoming. Being a U.S. based organization, the Fulbright Program is highly advantageous in the study of public policy, as this is a mature concept in the Western world and widely studied across American universities. On the other hand, public policy programs are scarce in Pakistan and have a long way to go before becoming fully developed. Those who do seek to further their knowledge on public policy topics are therefore forced to seek further education opportunities at foreign universities.

An additional benefit to studying through the Fulbright Program is the exposure to international students also studying in related fields. As an organization that works with students from all over the world, studying through the Fulbright Program provides the opportunity to network with current and future public administration professionals from all over the world. Being able to discuss public policy issues in a global context is highly beneficial to a young public administrator no matter their geographical location.

Overall, I believe that the Fulbright Program will provide me with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to further develop my skills as a public administrator. My background, experience, and education has greatly prepared me for further career development in city administration and the Fulbright Program will add to the hard work that has already been done towards making this dream a reality.