Innovations are an integral part in today’s day and age, the way modern technology has evolved all the industries it is essential for the trades to keep up with the advanced technology (Betancourt et al., 235). The healthcare is not any different, for the success of healthcare to be achieved the industry needs to surpass all the challenges that they are faced with and come up with innovative capabilities to ensure there are consolidation and integration of recourses and new skills. For hospitals to maintain relevancy in, they are to be accessible to all patients regardless of social status, and they should take their clinics to an online platform.
Healthcare executive leaders and providers should respond and adapt to the new changes in the healthcare industry. They can be able to adjust by changing from the boss mentality to be patient-oriented and more focused on the general population rather than the title. The other way they can be able to adapt is by expanding their hospital-based care, with the expansive car they will be able to meet the health needs and requirements of many people beyond the outpatient and the inpatient. Therefore, one way of achieving this is through the implementation of telehealth and telemedicine.

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For better outcomes, healthcare executive leaders and providers should be able to ensure the performance of the hospital is up to high standards and in turn use the quality standards to provide for the patients (Thakur et al., 565). The providers should be handed out incentives to motivate them for the work they have done and driven them to keep up morale. Once the providers have their confidence boosted up, they will have the capability to be more productive in their work and have more ability to provide the patients with quality care.

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