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The Small Games of Chance Act

The Small Games of Chance Act allows specific forms of gambling, such as horse racing, bingo, and lotteries. Even the generally permissible types still require either a proper legal authority or a license. Accordingly, all games of chance, which are not specifically mentioned in the statute as legal, raise questions...

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The Dangers of Gambling

Topic: The Dangers of Gambling Purpose: to persuade Specific purpose: to discourage the audience from engaging in gambling Thesis: Gambling is a very dangerous activity that should be avoided at all costs Attention Step I. (Attention Getter) Available data suggests that 80% of American adults gamble on an annual basis...

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Gambling: history and futire in the US

Compare and contrast the colonial period up to the end of the 19th century with the developments in the 20th century as it pertains to gambling in the United States The Native American’s developed the language and games during the colonial time that described gambling and how their gods were the...

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Crime of Illegal Gambling

Businesses are the driving engine of economic processes in every global aspect hence their allowance to exist according to their strategic benefits. At the same time, these businesses have implications that either demand remediation or cause controversial stances among regulators, citizens, and other concerned entities. Gambling is one business that...

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