Gateway Behavioral Health Services is a part of the State of Georgia machinery. The entity is operating under the general direction of the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, albeit it has a very particular social purpose with a high level of ownership of the activities.
Gateway Behavioral Health adheres to a set of firm ethical principles designed to serve the needs of the community. They provide services for mental health, addictive diseases and developmental disabilities. Through the strong following of values that shape up its purpose, Gateway Behavioral Health does not just provide quality health services to customers but the organization has an impact on the community as a whole.

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The atmosphere of compassion and inclusivity is the cornerstone of their success. The organization works towards ensuring that customers reach their personal goals that are often connected to the possibilities of allowing individuals to stay or become active in their respective environments.

The programs are divided by types of services as well as categories of customers. Thus, there are programs targeted at adults, children, and adolescents. It is noteworthy that programs are not limited to typical health services, but also include supported employment and job coaching as well family and individual counseling. All types of services are very comprehensive and make a tangible impact on the community and target groups and individuals.

Since Gateway Behavioral Health is the organization best-positioned for being most effective in their category of social initiatives, it would be most effective for our company to give a donation towards their activities. It is only logical that corporate social responsibility goals can be best achieved by a team of professionals, so a donation will have the most value to the community. In addition, Gateway Behavioral Health operates in several different counties so it is important to donate towards the provision of services in geographical areas with a strong base of customers of our company.

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