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Genetic Engineering

Gene Therapy

Gene therapy appears to offer modern humans tremendous benefits. Science has taught us that many of the diseases to which humans are prey are the result of our DNA, or genetic makeup. It appears tempting to cure diseases and prevent cancer through the manipulation of our genes. However, it is...

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Gender Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is increasingly used in modern development. Numerous genetically modified products are presently utilized by humans, and research is constantly done on methods of modifying the genetic characteristics of organisms to optimally suit the lifestyle of humans. However, GE is a contentious and complex issue. It creates concerns regarding...

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Genetically Engineering Humans

Introduction Hook: Consider the work of God: for who can make [that] straight, which he hath made crooked? (Ecclesiastes 7:13, King James Version) Thesis Statement: This paper will argue that scientists should not modify humans through genetic engineering despite the potential this technology offers for health breakthroughs, because the long-term...

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Epigenetic Methylation In Arabidopsis Thaliana

Arabidopsis thaliana is an annual flowering plant found in the mustard family. This research paper is focused on determining epigenetic methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana. (Experiment) A population of 50 ddm1-2-derived Arabidopsis epiRILs will be planted under moderately and favorable saline conditions to aid this study. The population will then be...

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Genetic Counseling

Introduction The role of a genetic counselor is an extremely important one. One can even say that a genetic counselor can be like an agent of God, helping shape an extremely important decision. Moreover, genetic counselors work with “families to help them understand genetic testing, guide them through the process...

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Are Genetically Modified Organisms Safe For The Environment?

Depending on whom you talk to, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are either the solution to the world’s problems, or the worst scientific innovation since the atom bomb or mustard gas. The possibilities cited by advocates and companies who produce these products (which currently primarily exist in the form of genetically...

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Genetic Mosaicism

Genetic mosaicism occurs when two or more populations of cells with their own individual genetic genotypes are present within one individual when this individual developed from a singular fertilized egg. This is not the case when the individual has developed from a merging of two or more different fertilized eggs...

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Genetic Testing Opinion Essay

As the science of genetics becomes more advanced, genetic testing has started playing a larger role in health care. Genetic testing involves evaluating whether certain diseases are linked to specific genes, and if identified, this can help with medical treatments targeting these genes, often by activating or deactivating the problematic...

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Genetic Chromosome Mutations

There are various adverse environmental factors affecting the genetic precursors, the gametes and fertilization. According to Burton, environmental effects that are experienced even before conception can sometimes be transmitted to later generations. In general, adverse environmental factors that are experienced in the early stages of life have the ability to...

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Epigenetics refers to the process in which DNA can express itself differently at various times, depending on a possible variety of factors. DNA influences how new cells are formed when it is transcribed into RNA, which then becomes proteins that direct cell behavior (Bird, 2007) All cells have the same...

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Genetic Mystery: Application of Mendelian Genetics to Cat Fur Color

Abstract Observing an incident in which two white cats produce an offspring that is not white may be perplexing if one does not have a clear understanding of basic mendelian genetics. This report will assess this scenario, while presenting basic information pertaining to heterozygotic, homozygotic mixtures of simple traits, and...

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Genetic Testing Journal Entry

The issue of genetic screening is controversial, as parent’s attitude differs depending on their knowledge about the procedure. For parents their child’s health should be a primary concern, and testing for possible medical conditions should make sense to them. Reviewing genetic screening from the parents’ perspective, it is mandatory to...

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Detecting Epigenetic Methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana

The materials used included those involving a) Lab equipment: Gel electrophoresis chamber (Mini-Sub® cell GT systems, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.), PowerPac™ Mini power supply (Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.), Thermocycler (PTC-100 MJ Research, Inc.), MJ Mini Thermocycler (Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.), Fisher Vortex Geniez TM (Fisher Scientific, Inc.), Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend Micro21 centrifuge,...

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Genetic and Gene-Environment Effect of Diabetes

Introduction The genetic cause and gene-environment interaction to health conditions have been in the study over the years. Molecular technology studies show that the genetic disorders are inherited from the parents, mostly the autosomal dominance, Mendelian disorders. The scientific research on such ailments as diabetes has been limited; this paper...

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Genetics/Genomics in Nursing: Genetically Competent Care for Those with Chronic Illnesses

Advances in the study of human genomics and genetics open new avenues for individualized, competent healthcare, which is an efficient path to raising care quality and standards. Thus, for instance, Mehrian-Shai and Reichardt (2015) showed in their study how the use of IT and genomic information may provide individualized preventive...

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Cracking Your Genetic Code (Odds Calculator)

Gregor Mendel gave the world insight into genetic odds, allowing for the identification of the different ways in which genetic traits could be used to predict the traits of future generations (O’Neil, 2013). Since the 1890s when Mendel first completed his experiments, tools and technology available have become more advanced,...

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Human Cloning Ethics

The ethical questions raised by the prospect of genetic cloning are substantial, with human cloning presenting a particular controversy. Article 11 of the Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights maintains that the reproductive cloning of human beings is not ethically sound but contrary to human dignity and...

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GMO And Its Benefits

Over the last few years, the use of GMO produce has increasingly gained attraction. The issue of non-genetically modified organic produce is a subject that has been highly controversial in recent years. While science has been used to determine the safety of the GMO organic produce, ethics plays a fundamental...

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Genetic Engineering Topic Importance In Hinduism

Genetic engineering has been used in most areas that have high populations in order to try and produce more food. Both the industries and the government turn to genetic engineering for food. In India where Hinduism is common, studies that range from genetic studies of human beings to the medical...

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The use of Agrobacterium in Genetic Modification

IntroductionGenetic modification has the potential to improve both agriculture and health. Scientists suggest that because genetic mutations can cause diseases, genetic modifications may be able to reverse them. Yet genetic modifications are controversial. Critics suggest that genetic modification in agriculture increases toxins, decreases nutrient value and poses great risks to...

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