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Genetic Engineering

Are Genetically Modified Organisms Safe For The Environment?

Depending on whom you talk to, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are either the solution to the world’s problems, or the worst scientific innovation since the atom bomb or mustard gas. The possibilities cited by advocates and companies who produce these products (which currently primarily exist in the form of genetically...

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Genetic Mosaicism

Genetic mosaicism occurs when two or more populations of cells with their own individual genetic genotypes are present within one individual when this individual developed from a singular fertilized egg. This is not the case when the individual has developed from a merging of two or more different fertilized eggs...

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Genetic Testing Opinion Essay

As the science of genetics becomes more advanced, genetic testing has started playing a larger role in health care. Genetic testing involves evaluating whether certain diseases are linked to specific genes, and if identified, this can help with medical treatments targeting these genes, often by activating or deactivating the problematic...

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Genetic Chromosome Mutations

There are various adverse environmental factors affecting the genetic precursors, the gametes and fertilization. According to Burton, environmental effects that are experienced even before conception can sometimes be transmitted to later generations. In general, adverse environmental factors that are experienced in the early stages of life have the ability to...

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Epigenetics refers to the process in which DNA can express itself differently at various times, depending on a possible variety of factors. DNA influences how new cells are formed when it is transcribed into RNA, which then becomes proteins that direct cell behavior (Bird, 2007) All cells have the same...

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