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Genetic Engineering

Cracking Your Genetic Code (Odds Calculator)

Gregor Mendel gave the world insight into genetic odds, allowing for the identification of the different ways in which genetic traits could be used to predict the traits of future generations (O’Neil, 2013). Since the 1890s when Mendel first completed his experiments, tools and technology available have become more advanced,...

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Human Cloning Ethics

The ethical questions raised by the prospect of genetic cloning are substantial, with human cloning presenting a particular controversy. Article 11 of the Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights maintains that the reproductive cloning of human beings is not ethically sound but contrary to human dignity and...

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GMO And Its Benefits

Over the last few years, the use of GMO produce has increasingly gained attraction. The issue of non-genetically modified organic produce is a subject that has been highly controversial in recent years. While science has been used to determine the safety of the GMO organic produce, ethics plays a fundamental...

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Genetic Engineering Topic Importance In Hinduism

Genetic engineering has been used in most areas that have high populations in order to try and produce more food. Both the industries and the government turn to genetic engineering for food. In India where Hinduism is common, studies that range from genetic studies of human beings to the medical...

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The use of Agrobacterium in Genetic Modification

IntroductionGenetic modification has the potential to improve both agriculture and health. Scientists suggest that because genetic mutations can cause diseases, genetic modifications may be able to reverse them. Yet genetic modifications are controversial. Critics suggest that genetic modification in agriculture increases toxins, decreases nutrient value and poses great risks to...

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