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Bioinformatics Challenges for Genome-Wide Association Studies: A Critique

The article under review is “Bioinformatics Challenges for Genome-Wide Association Studies” by J.H. Moore, F.W. Asselbergs, and S.M. Williams (2010). This resource is a literature review which focuses on genome-wide association studies (GWAS). The usefulness of GWAS emerged from the sequencing of the human genome. The sequencing of the human...

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Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is associated with a chromosomal abnormality that causes congenital malformations as well as intellectual and physical developmental issues in newborns. Such abnormalities appear to be common in human reproduction and as they relate to Downs syndrome, abnormalities are referred as autosomal aneuploidy, meaning they do no relate to...

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Frankenstein and Genetic Mutations

A classic work of literature is one that applies to all generations at some level. While some works may only be relevant to a particular time in history, classic works offer lessons that apply to all periods of history and offer these lessons to new generations. However, the novel Frankenstein...

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The Journey Of Man: A Genetic Odyssey

The journey of man is filled with a lot of fascinating stories. The basic science as we know it does not clearly explain this journey. While other archaeologists were looking at artefacts to determine the origin of man, Wells’s was looking for answers inside the cells of living people (Wells,...

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Genetic Counseling And Why We Need It

Many individuals carry defective genes that could be passed on to their offspring. Genetic counselors work with individuals to determine if they carry these genes. If you do, we will help you recognize the risks associated with passing on these genes to your offspring. You currently have a child with...

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