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Geography – Analysis of the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef along the North-Eastern Coast of Australia is a place that I am familiar with as I travelled to this destination several years ago. The geography of the Great Barrier Reef is such that it provides a comprehensive underwater ecosystem for thousands of different species of tropical...

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Romania Viability Evaluation

Romania is a small country located in southeastern Europe. The sovereign state became a member of the European Union (EU) in 2007. The size of the country is 92,043 square miles. When comparing it in size to the United States Romania is about the size of the state of Oregon....

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Geographic Determinism With Relation To Civilization

Geographic determinism can be explained as the way the natural or physical alignment of the earth predisposes states and different societies towards various development courses. Many human features and phenomena include economies, beliefs, genes, life expectations, and incomes among other things that are influences by both geographic and non-geographic factors....

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Venice Geographical Review

Venice is a city located in northern Italy. Also, this city is Veneto's capital. It is found across 118 small islands that are linked by bridges and separated by canals. This city is known for the beauty of its setting, and that explains why it attracts many people who would...

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Vision of a Global Future

The world and its many societies are constantly evolving; not only are populations growing larger around the globe, but technology is advancing at a rapid pace. This will result in heightened demands for energy, and the means of production will become more technologically based. As the world moves toward increased...

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Analysis of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in society has been profound as technologies have allowed scientists and researchers to gain access to a broader database of geographical landmarks, areas and features, all unique with respect to location. In the 21st century, advancements in technology have allowed GIS to have...

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Bangladesh Garment Industry

On Thursday, June 27, 2013, US President Barack Obama announced the end of trade privileges with Bangladesh over safety concerns and working conditions of its factories (Shah, 2013). Bangladesh will be suspended from the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP). The GSP is a program which promotes economic growth in developing...

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Israel and Regional Geography

Historically, regional and national boundaries were based largely on natural landforms such as mountain ranges and rivers. For example, the boundary between France and Spain is due to the Pyrenees Mountains. However, in recent history, regional boundaries have been arbitrarily formed based on economic and political reasons, a good example...

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The Human and Physical Geography of Jamaica

Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean Sea which has beautiful sand beaches on its coastlines, as well as rugged mountains in the interior. This has greatly influenced the country in many ways both in history and today as it allowed for refuge and freedom as well as the development...

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Cultural Geography

Jared Diamond, the author of ‘guns, germs and steel’ theory, aims to explain the material success of European civilization through the lenses of certain preconditions, including geography, use of steel, and immunity to germs. According to the author, a big part of Eurasia has very good agricultural potential due to...

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Geography 2: The Shape of Nicaragua War

The war involved the nations of Miskito and other Indians, such as Sumo, and Rama. The communities were involved in domestic and global power struggle, and they fought for their cultural survival. There was tension between nations of Miskito and the Sandinista state, which escalated into violent confrontations in 1979....

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Physical Geography Assignment

1.       What are the major physical features of the country you chose? Iceland was formed by the spreading of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, an area where the plates below the ocean, the North American and Eurasian plates, are moving apart. Hot magma rises and forms a plume, which pushed the island...

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Zomia – Geography Research Paper

The term “Zomia”, derived from the word “zomi”, which means highlander in various Chino-Mizo-Kuki languages which exist in the area of India and Myanmar, (Mazard, 2014, 217) was coined by the contemporary Dutch historian Willem van Schendel to describe a large portion of Southeast Asia, crossing several nation-states, which, according...

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Plantations and Slavery

Slavery’s institution sheds light on numerous aspects of the South that include the sociological and cultural elements that shaped society. Plantations and slavery expose the demographics and economic benefits slavery rendered. However, it came as a cost as millions of Africans were dehumanized and forced to forfeit the culture and...

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Island Geography

A short documentary “Message in a Bottle” focuses on the problems and potential dangers that island flora and fauna have to face under the influence of globalization on the example of three islands, namely the Round Island, Samoa, and Jamaica. The Round Island lies in the Indian Ocean, twenty kilometers...

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Physical Geography Of Italy

Italy is a country which is located in South Europe. It juts south from the Alps and extends into the Mediterranean Sea. The country is mainly composed of a slender, long boot shaped peninsula. In addition, it consists of its two main islands, the Sardinia and Sicily. Its neighboring countries...

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The Geography of Latin America

Latin America was a terms that was initially used by French geographers to differentiate between Romance (Latin based) and Anglo based Anglo languages. The present day Latin America refers to countries found in South America. The division of Latin America is by language and location. The parts of Central and...

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Geography and Colonialism

African states did not develop in the same way as European states as they were not subjected to the same political and geographic pressures that led to war, according to Herbst (1990). War is a terrible thing, and it caused suffering and death for countless Europeans from the 15th century...

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The Islands of the Bahamas

In what seems to be another world, barely off of the coast of Florida, is situated a small cluster of islands which hold my most favorite place on this earth. Specifically, the island of Nassau is near and dear to my heart and I often find myself imagining that I...

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