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George Orwell

George Orwell’s Animal Farm

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the farm animals liberate themselves from the oppressive rule of their human master. The animals start a new system based on equality. However, the sly pig Napoleon slowly amasses power behind the scenes until he becomes a ruthless dictator over all the other animals, putting...

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George Orwell Critique

Shooting an Elephant: Introductory Critique George Orwell’s 1936 essay titled ‘Shooting an Elephant’, basically highlights the nature and influence of imperialism on the colonizers as well as colonized especially when the worth of the subjugated is measured against an elephant’s. This is indicated in relation to economic computations made between...

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Orwellian Society vs. North Korean Modern Society

It is a known fact that the main aim of George Orwell while writing “1984” was the projection of the communist society into today’s reality. Given the fact that the a lot of the events in the book correlate with the leftist views of the author, George Orwell yet did...

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Emma Larkin’s Finding George Orwell in Burma

In the book “Finding George Orwell in Burma,” Emma Larkin paints a clear comparison between the current military regimes which has ruled Burma for over fifty years to the British colonial government which ruled Burma up to 1948 (Larkin 5). George Orwell was a British writer who witnessed the oppression...

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Animal Farm

In 1945 George Orwell published the novel "Animal Farm", which can be characterized as satiric, since, in addition to a major criticism, it makes a parody and burlesque imitation of the different personalities who have great power during the first half of the twentieth century in Tsarist Russia and the...

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