In 1997, Demi Moore hit the big screen and changed how girls viewed their societal limitations. GI Jane, directed by Ridley Scott was full of gender barriers and stereotypes that were very active during that time. Demi Moore’s role was established to change the gender barriers as a combat soldier; a predominantly male role. The sociology behind the movie was that no one, even those who put her in the position wanted her to succeed. The role was granted as means to quiet those who were screaming gender equality at all levels of military. By proving that she was given a chance and failed, the military would not have to restructure the male dominated industry. Society sees women as the weaker gender, and with it, there is are roles that females are excluded from. GI Jane is an important film because it shows there are no limitations for gender and if an individual puts their mind to a task they can accomplish anything.

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The Senate Armed Service Committee is searching for a new Secretary of the Navy; however the Texas Senator quickly challenges them for their lack of gender-neutrality. The belief is that women cannot fair as well as men, so they are not authorized to participate in all levels of the Navy. A deal was struck, and Demi Moore was the first woman to try to pass the Navy Seal training camp. The desocialization that took place in the film was present in many different areas. For Demi Moore, she was put into a physically abusive program that was designed for failure; far different than the Navy career she was familiar with. It separated the one female from her entire crew, giving her various times for completion based on gender. The revision of the Navy Seals expectations was an example of their desocialization for their one female recruit. The Navy Seals are expected to give up what they know at average values, attitudes, and behaviors. The role of the most elite team is for them to become the best of the best soldiers, by separating themselves and being skilled soldiers.

The movie showed how resocialization occurred in the entire Navy. Resocialization is the course of developing new attitudes, behaviors, and values outside of what we once believed. The characters in GI Jane faces challenges that required them to adapt new strategies to overcome the obstacles. For example, Demi Moore was so motivated to be the first female to pass the Navy Seals training that she pushed herself to new limits. The training in preparation was extensive, and it was far beyond what she knew as a daily norm. Her values changed; her relationship was significant, but when she face resistance to her new task she was willing to let him go.

GI Jane is an important film because it shows there are no limitations for gender and if an individual puts their mind to a task they can accomplish anything. The subcultures within the movie indicate that there attempt to promote equality between the sexes was nothing more than for appearances. When selecting the female they based in on appearance, not to stereotypically manly. Believing that a woman would fail at the most challenging male role in the Navy showed how sociology was present in the film. The desocialization and resocialization of females in the military allowed for the movie to change American’s perception of gender in society.