Dear Senators, for hundreds of years several gladiators have died in the arena in the name of entertainment, it is about time the nonsensical killings of our fellow human end. It immoral to kill another human being for the sake of entertainment. Besides, the spectacle has led to many more people becoming inhumanly insensitive in their actions. Just the other day, I heard of a young man who chopped of the hand of his own wife for stealing a few coins from his purse.
As an ex-Roman soldier, I do not take the shedding of blood lightly. Killing another human being is an affair that should not be taken lightly. Personally, I have killed several people in the battlefield. The incidences have had a severe psychological effect on my mental state. Many more people undergo through the same tribulations. There are many nights that I have woken up in absolute horror from all that I have seen in the arena and I would not wish such torture on my worst enemy. It is, however, important to note the difference of killing a man on the battlefield and in the arena. When killing a man on the battlefield, it is for the protection of the Roman Empire. I fought several wars against the Germanic tribes trying to seize part of Rome. During those times, we fought valiantly and chased away those Barbarians. On the other hand, killing in the arena is for the appeasement of the public by aristocrats who aim to remain in position of power. It should be noted that the spectacle is not acceptable despite many people enjoying it. The large excited crowds do not legitimize it. No man should die in vain, whether a slave or a Roman.

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Most of us in the senate are fathers. Therefore, it is important that we set good examples to our children. I know many of you do not take your children to gladiatorial spectacles due to the gory nature of these fights. Likewise, I would not like my son to witness such savagery; for that reason, these spectacles should stop. Condoning such violence is akin to teaching our children that aggression is the only means of resolving disputes. Future generations, will end up being more violent and wars are abound to arise. It is in the best interest of the Roman Empire that peace prevails within and outside the empire. Observing that will ensure that the Roman Empire thrives for hundreds of years since in peace the economy grows much faster.

Most of the gladiators who have died in the arena would have made good soldiers. It is thus a waste of human resources to have men killed in the arena when they can be recruited as soldiers to fight for the empire. The Roman Empire is bound to face several challenges in the future, especially from Britannia and Germania. It is, therefore, necessary that the Roman Empire has the best soldiers in the world to be able to protect its vast territory. Instead of wasting human resources in the colosseum, the gladiators should be recruited into the Roman army to help fight any future wars.

Apart from the loss of human life, the gladiatorial spectacle is also a waste of animal life. The events are cruel on animals. Most of you might not remember this, but Pompey was one of the first to oversee the slaughter of elephants. Elephants are magical beasts that are extremely intelligent. During the slaughter of these animals, one elephant raised its trunk to the skies as though to lament to the gods how cruel human beings can be. Furthermore, elephants can be trained and used as burdens of beast since they can carry heavy loads due to their overwhelming strength. It is, therefore, essential that gladiatorial spectacles end to spare the lives of these helpful and majestic creatures. They can also be used by the army as part of the cavalry. Due to their massive weight, they are bound to crush any enemy in their path. Shipping these animals from Africa is not a cheap affair. Therefore, instead of importing them to die in the arena, they should be used to better the lives of Romans.

Another reason why gladiatorial spectacles should come to an end is because it can lead to an uprising. A perfect example in history is the uprising of the gladiatorial school located on the outskirts of Capua by Spartacus, one of the most famous gladiators ever. He led a revolt of gladiators who then fled to Mount Vesuvius where they held strong. Later on, several other slaves joined them. The revolt cost the Roman Empire direly in the number of soldiers lost trying to squash this uprising as well as the funds used to fight Spartacus and his hoard of thieves and rapists. In order to avoid the recurrence of such an event, gladiatorial spectacles should come to an end since defeating such as revolt is extremely difficult. Gladiators are well trained in the art of war. Therefore, when they revolt, the Roman army often finds it difficult to defeat them since they are well versed in Roman tactics.

Finally, dear senators, it is imperative that gladiatorial spectacles end for the prosperity of the Roman Empire. Not only will it save a lot of human resources, it will also save up funds necessary for the smooth running of the empire. Peace is essential in ensuring the prosperity of the empire. B avoiding the possibility of an uprising, the empire will become more powerful.