While terrorism is not a new feature of the global environment, today’s terrorism has reached a new threshold, with events taking place much more frequently. The Islamic State also referred to as ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh was created from broken up pieces al Qaeda in Iraq. The group was greatly unseen when U.S. troops were fighting in Iraq in 2007 but started to reemerge in 2011. As Iraq and Syria were unstable at the time, the group was able to take control over significant sections of the countries. On June 29, 2014, ISI formed a new caliphate encompassing the area from Davila in Iraq to Aleppo in Syria (The Wilson Center Staff).

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By 2015, ISIS connected with a network of other terrorist affiliates in at least eight other countries. ISIS affiliates, branches, and even untrained supporters, carried out more and more attacks outside the borders of the Islam State caliphate. ISIS has attacked a French newspaper, a hotel in Tripoli, Libya, and a museum in Tunis. They have set off car bombs in Yemen, blew up a Russian passenger plane, and carried out a coordinated attack in multiple locations in Paris, France (Harress).

The threat to human life is incredible due to the hatred of the people who are associated with ISIS. They hate everyone that isn’t like them. They hate women, homosexuals, Christians, anyone who speaks ill of Muslims, they even hate Shiite Muslims and have bombed many Shiite mosques. Their hatred has led to countless deaths, and the group must be stopped. They have made a global crime syndicate under the guise of their religious faith. No benevolent religious figure could possibly speak for this kind of violence. In my opinion, the global crime that is taking place at the hands of ISIS members and associated people is a significant problem for every citizen of the world.

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