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Global economy

Global and Virtual Teams

Project management, “the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements,” may be used in a variety of situations, but such situations do not only have to be local; project management skills may be utilized within projects where members of the team are not...

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Global Business: Cultural Factors

U.S. sports franchises looking to expand abroad should take several cultural factors into consideration when desiring to increase the popularity of a sport. A U.S. sports franchise may first want to evaluate the value that a culture places on sports in general and the sport the franchise is attempting to...

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Understanding The Global Economy

The invention of the internet brought about the upsurge in websites creation and social networking sites in the twenty first century. Almost every start up company and existing businesses must have a website, not only to relay relevant information about their products and services in the public domain but also...

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Globalization and Economics

In this increasingly technological age, many countries have begun to use greater and greater levels of energy per person on a daily basis. Compounding this growth is general increase in population, which increases as health practices improve. Consequently many nations and the world in general have needed to concentrate some...

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The World Needs To Be Changed

Our world has made tremendous progress in economic terms but some things do not change such as the greed of men, especially of those in power. And greedy people often end up doing more damage than good. Fortunately, we have also made social progress and today a common person has...

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