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Global economy

NAFTA: North American Free Trade Agreement

Countries join economic blocs for several reasons. First of all, it increases foreign direct investment in the country by eliminating or at least significantly reducing trade barriers. Another benefit of an economic bloc is that it allows companies to achieve economies of scale because it expands the market for their...

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Does Foreign Aid Work? The Idealist, the Pragmatist and the “Randomist”

The debate regarding the effectiveness of foreign aid is one that has divided scholars. The idealist, the pragmatist and the “randomist” refers to three approaches to the understanding of international development practices, in particular foreign aid. The idealist looks at the potential for aid, and the good that it can...

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Relations between the European Union (EU) and China

Relations between the European Union (EU) and China began in 1975. Their trade relations were officially established during this time. These trade relations were also referred to as Sino European relations. The relations intended to improve issues such as prosperity, peace, sustainable development and trade. Trade has developed efficiently between...

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Economic Inequality

Economic inequality has become a major aspect of every economic, political, and social study in our world today. Multiple scholarly articles refer to it as the dependent variable that is caused by either governmental policies, technological advancement, or globalization. This seems to be the case in almost all of the...

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Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum for Canada, Mexico, and European Union

In his first term in office, President Trump has showcased his interest to reduce some of the trade abuses affecting America’s economy. First on his list is the imposition of tariffs on the importation of steel from Mexico, European Union (EU), and Canada. The crackdown is expected to focuses on...

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