1) Murphy’s article (see http://www.humanosphere.org/global-health/2016/03/even-evidence-exclusive-breastfeeding-prevents-child-deaths/) on the Humanosphere’s website regarding exclusively feeding breastmilk to babies until six months of age is one that has shocking information which can surprise those who carefully choose which formula to use for their baby. Even more surprising than the capacity of exclusive breastfeeding to provide advantages for a baby are the advantages it provides for the mother. For many reasons those in more developed countries have chosen formula over breastmilk, often because it can be very difficult for working mothers to breast feed when they must go to work. Clearly, given the benefits and advantages that it provides, this is an area where the advanced nations have a considerable amount to learn from the less developed nations where breast feeding is the most common method of feeding newborns and babies, and it represents a better, cheaper and more clinically supported choice than even the most expensive brand of baby formula.

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2) An important determinant of mental health problems, based on the reading by Koss-Chioino (221-244), could be summarized as belief systems. Given that mental wellness is the resolution of mental health issues, and religion and spirituality help to support belief systems which are correlated with such mental wellness, then mental health might best be addressed through understanding the worldview that gives rise to the disorder. The medical framework for mental health is based on neutrality which filters out such belief systems, but clearly beliefs and the value systems which go with them are part of the cognitive function of mental activity. It is therefore not a surprise that there is a strong relationship. In Koss-Chioino’s article the attempts to bridge traditional belief systems with that of the medical profession makes clear that the use of anthropological methods can aid in bringing together these spiritual aspects which promote healing with the medical frameworks which focus on diagnosis.

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