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Unlawful Use Of Aggression Against The Ukrainian Citizens

The Revolution of Dignity also known as Euromaidan (21 November 2013 – 23 February 2014) occurred in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is one of the bloodiest civil unrests in the recorded history of Ukraine and Eastern Europe. It started as a student protest against the suspension of the signing of the...

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Bad Politics In Malaysia

Malaysia is a south-east Asian country consisting of two regions separated by the South China Sea. It is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious society, but Muslims make the majority of its population. Ethnically, the population is comprised of 60% ethnic Malays and 26% Chinese, while indigenous peoples and Indians make up the...

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The Situation In Yemen

At times, the people within a state get tired of being subjected to the same time of leadership. Like in, Yemen an uprising was bound to happen considering the fact that president by then, Ali Abdullah Saleh had been in power for over 30 years. Nonetheless, his rule was subjected...

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Middle East Politics

The article “INSERT TITLE HERE” by “FIRST NAME LAST NAME” analyzes the so-called “third wave of democracy” in terms of post-Cold War theories of the spread of democracy on a global level, as well as the real events that informed the “third wave.” Namely, the article makes the crucial point...

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Nationalist Movements of Europe

During the 19th Century, many countries in Europe experienced a rise in nationalist ideals. It is not likely that this movement could have been prevented. Considering the other current political and cultural events of the time, it became a natural result that nations and their citizens would recognize the need...

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Great Martin Luther King Jr Essay For Your Political Class

Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the twentieth century's most recognized figures, is considered by many to be one of the greatest Americans who ever lived: the civil rights leader was influential in ending segregation and other institutional forms of racism that were commonly accepted by many, and helped turn...

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Gamal Abdel Nasser

Gamal Abdel Nasser was one of the most interesting figures in twentieth century Middle Eastern politics. The second president of Egypt, Nasser took over after his forces overthrew the monarchy in the 1950s. Nasser was a powerful figure who cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood and sought to unite Arab...

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The Political And Social Climate During The 1960’S

The 1960’s and 70’s can be described as a very painful time in American history. Black people endured a struggle against an oppressive government which supported the mentality of white supremacy. White people struggled against one another. One sector of white America wanted to maintain the segregation and laws that...

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Foreign Policy Of Asia

Question OneThe three factors that have affected relations between the United States and China are international trade, human rights and security. Competition between the United States and China is based on two reasons. The first reason is the change in political power between the United States and China while the...

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Current Standing of the Russian Political State & Future of Putin-lead Russia

Abstract Officially known as the Russian Federation, Russia is politically defined as a sovereign, federal semi-presidential republic in northern Eurasia. While the country is geographically the largest of any in the world (taking up more than an eighth of Earth's populated land), Russia is the ninth most populated with just...

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China and India: Comparison Paper

China and India are both industrial nations that have suffered from immense poverty in part due to their overpopulation. These issues are perhaps more prominent in India, which is an objectively smaller landmass, but both countries have massive swaths of farmland where poverty-stricken farmers work to support their families in...

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Does Journalism (Including Photography) Have Significant Political Impact?

Society is inundated with media coverage of every story, large or small. This is especially true when it comes to politics. The field of journalism has proven to be a powerhouse in the political arena. What the media reports, carries much weight in the outcomes of all things having a...

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Does Journalism have a Significant Political Impact?

The issue this paper will address is whether, and to what extent, journalism has a significant causal impact on the nature and practice of politics. This question is important because one central purpose of journalism is to inform the public about what is going on in the world. If it...

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Response to 2015 to the World Affairs Council of Oregon

Robin Wright gave a talk to the World Affairs Council of Oregon in 2015. She discussed various key trends, places, and challenges in the Middle East. She covered countries like Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria. Tunisia and Syria have been selected for the present project. According to Wright,...

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Saudi Arabia: The New Leader

Instead of threatening the power of the Saudi rulers, the Arab Spring has strengthened it. Coronation of the new King in Riyadh has ensured the renaissance of authoritarianism in the Middle East. The Saudi political influence strongly relies on their profits from obtaining natural resources, and it is a glaring...

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Post-Soviet Central Asia

The testimony to Congress under analysis is Richard Boucher’s (Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs) statement to the House International Relations Committee on April 26th, 2006. This statement on US policy was developed to relay several factors about how Mr. Boucher proposed to prioritize stability, democracy,...

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The US Perspective in Asia

The United States of America being the sole superpower with the strongest economy and military is involved in various countries in Asia. After the Second World War, US presence has been quite significant in different parts of Asia, for example, Middle East countries such as Iran and East Asia countries...

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Gender and Russian Politics

Riabov & Riabova in their publication apply the category of gender in order to explain and better understand modern Russian politics. It is, however, very hard, what such attempts provide. On the one hand this sounds like an explanation of modern, sometimes seen and referred to as aggressive politics of...

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China-Japan Senkaku Islands Dispute

According to constructivist theorists, words and actions are the basis of peaceful or chaotic societies. They also claim that the nature of society determines the actions and words that people use. Constructivists argue that values, ideas, and beliefs influence the identity of the state. They determine the strategies and policies,...

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South China Sea Dispute

There are continuously rising tensions in the South China Sea. The disputes result from the longstanding disputes over the sovereignty of the shoals, atolls and the reefs that demarcate the sea, covering an area of about 1.2million square miles. These disputes ally to the massive overlapping claims between nations over...

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