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China and India: Comparison Paper

China and India are both industrial nations that have suffered from immense poverty in part due to their overpopulation. These issues are perhaps more prominent in India, which is an objectively smaller landmass, but both countries have massive swaths of farmland where poverty-stricken farmers work to support their families in...

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Does Journalism (Including Photography) Have Significant Political Impact?

Society is inundated with media coverage of every story, large or small. This is especially true when it comes to politics. The field of journalism has proven to be a powerhouse in the political arena. What the media reports, carries much weight in the outcomes of all things having a...

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Does Journalism have a Significant Political Impact?

The issue this paper will address is whether, and to what extent, journalism has a significant causal impact on the nature and practice of politics. This question is important because one central purpose of journalism is to inform the public about what is going on in the world. If it...

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Response to 2015 to the World Affairs Council of Oregon

Robin Wright gave a talk to the World Affairs Council of Oregon in 2015. She discussed various key trends, places, and challenges in the Middle East. She covered countries like Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria. Tunisia and Syria have been selected for the present project. According to Wright,...

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Saudi Arabia: The New Leader

Instead of threatening the power of the Saudi rulers, the Arab Spring has strengthened it. Coronation of the new King in Riyadh has ensured the renaissance of authoritarianism in the Middle East. The Saudi political influence strongly relies on their profits from obtaining natural resources, and it is a glaring...

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