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Global Politics

Post-Soviet Central Asia

The testimony to Congress under analysis is Richard Boucher’s (Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs) statement to the House International Relations Committee on April 26th, 2006. This statement on US policy was developed to relay several factors about how Mr. Boucher proposed to prioritize stability, democracy,...

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The US Perspective in Asia

The United States of America being the sole superpower with the strongest economy and military is involved in various countries in Asia. After the Second World War, US presence has been quite significant in different parts of Asia, for example, Middle East countries such as Iran and East Asia countries...

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Gender and Russian Politics

Riabov & Riabova in their publication apply the category of gender in order to explain and better understand modern Russian politics. It is, however, very hard, what such attempts provide. On the one hand this sounds like an explanation of modern, sometimes seen and referred to as aggressive politics of...

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China-Japan Senkaku Islands Dispute

According to constructivist theorists, words and actions are the basis of peaceful or chaotic societies. They also claim that the nature of society determines the actions and words that people use. Constructivists argue that values, ideas, and beliefs influence the identity of the state. They determine the strategies and policies,...

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South China Sea Dispute

There are continuously rising tensions in the South China Sea. The disputes result from the longstanding disputes over the sovereignty of the shoals, atolls and the reefs that demarcate the sea, covering an area of about 1.2million square miles. These disputes ally to the massive overlapping claims between nations over...

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