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Global Politics

How Has China’s Globalization Affected the U.S.?

Globalization used to refer to the process by which people, goods, services, money, and information traverse national boundaries, allowing for greater access to markets, products, cultures, and cultural practices than ever before (Rizvi & Lingard, 419). When we think of the practices of globalization, typically the images that are conveyed...

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China Domestic Policies Today

For the achievement of China’s economic, social and economic success, the country’s government has enacted and adopted various policies to assist in management of the nation’s affaires. With the assistance of National People’s Congress (NPC), the China’s parliamentary delegation, china has been in a position to lay down strategies and...

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Politics of the Developing Nations

The author seeks to bring out the various approaches that describe imperialism and their limitation. Additionally, the author justifies the fact that despite the challenges faced by the developing nation as a result of imperialism and exploitation, they have experienced dramatic advancement in social, economical, technological and political aspects. In...

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China Politics

After the economic reform in the late 1970s, the Chinese government was unable to support the media despite the rapidly growing demand and evolving technologies. The new decentralized economic system was also too weak as a great portion of the national wealth was lost due to frauds and theft, and...

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American Politics

The issue of the healthcare system reform in the United States has been a subject of great focus among politicians from either sides of the political divide. While majority of them agree that the healthcare system in the country requires some reforms in order to ensure accessibility, quality and affordability...

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