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Global problems

Demand-Side Policies and The Great Recession Of 2008

An economic recession generally refers to economic decline characterized by increased levels of unemployment, reduced stock market and a rapid decline in the housing market. It also refers to a rapid drop in a country’s gross domestic product in successive annual quarters. The GDP normally refers to the overall market...

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The Great Recession of 2008

According to The State of Working America (2015), The Great Recession of the new millennium started with the burst of the $8 trillion housing bubble. Between 2005 and 2006 subprime loans made up 20 percent of all new loans. The loans were adjustable rate and other exotic loans as brokers...

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Human Trafficking: An International Occurrence

Human trafficking has been an issue in some form or another since the beginning of civilization. Conquerors of a society would enslave or otherwise take the freedom away from those who were conquered. Although slavery as one would traditionally define it is no longer a regular occurrence, the United States...

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News report

Food is an essential human need, and the collective food security governance has been in place for a long time. Governing and controlling world food issues have increasingly been a difficult task in the present globalized world because it involves several stages of making decisions. The global changes in the...

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Globalization and Crime

Globalization involves being able to move people, objects and services across the world. It was intended as a way to open up one part of the world to other parts and increase communication between international groups. While governmental bodies often sought globalization because they wanted to make the world the...

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