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Global problems

Demand-Side Policies and The Great Recession Of 2008

An economic recession generally refers to economic decline characterized by increased levels of unemployment, reduced stock market and a rapid decline in the housing market. It also refers to a rapid drop in a country’s gross domestic product in successive annual quarters. The GDP normally refers to the overall market...

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The Great Recession of 2008

According to The State of Working America (2015), The Great Recession of the new millennium started with the burst of the $8 trillion housing bubble. Between 2005 and 2006 subprime loans made up 20 percent of all new loans. The loans were adjustable rate and other exotic loans as brokers...

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Human Trafficking: An International Occurrence

Human trafficking has been an issue in some form or another since the beginning of civilization. Conquerors of a society would enslave or otherwise take the freedom away from those who were conquered. Although slavery as one would traditionally define it is no longer a regular occurrence, the United States...

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News report

Food is an essential human need, and the collective food security governance has been in place for a long time. Governing and controlling world food issues have increasingly been a difficult task in the present globalized world because it involves several stages of making decisions. The global changes in the...

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Globalization and Crime

Globalization involves being able to move people, objects and services across the world. It was intended as a way to open up one part of the world to other parts and increase communication between international groups. While governmental bodies often sought globalization because they wanted to make the world the...

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Overpopulating the World

The human population is increasing at an exponential rate. This means that its growth is proportional to its current size. The larger the population is, the more rapid the growth -- much like a snowball rolling downhill. This rapid growth is vital because of the impact it has on our...

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WHO Map – International Health

The aim of this paper is to take an in depth look at the WHO health map, and discuss the purposes that it serves. WHO utilizes the HealthMap. This interactive map was originally designed by a group of software developers, epidemiologists and researchers at the Boston Children's Hospital. It is...

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Global Warming – Cause and Effect Essay

The environment is an integral part to the ultimate survival of humankind which means that environmental degradation is a threat to humankind. Recent increases in negative natural events like tsunamis and melting icecaps among others have increased debates on the negative impacts of global warming on the environment (Allen, Seaman...

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“Save the Planet”: Critical Analysis Essay

The world is in urgent need of saving with all the internal violence, depletion of natural resources, threat of nuclear war, global warming, and pollution within the oceans, which all constantly threaten to wipe life off the face of the earth. A new possible contributor to that list are the...

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Resilience and Sustainability

Sustainability, in the event of disasters is the ability of the community to recover from these disasters using resources found within the community (Rose, 2011). For example, in the event of a flood, the affected community is said to be resilient if it has the ability to rehabilitate and resettle...

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Sustainability Discussion

There are three levels of issues that fuel the divide between different world regions and countries. According to Munasinghe (2009), the main problem is due to the economic growth, or lack of growth, exclusion, and poverty. Immediate drivers are the increase of population, consumption patterns, and governance. Finally, there are...

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With Reference To Sustainability, Is Globalization A Friend Or A Foe?

Over the last decades, political relations, human and social dynamics and the global environment has become intertwined (Fuchs, 2007). This has led to more global economic integration as well as global forms of governance which further promotes globalization. All big firms are expanding their businesses to other countries so that...

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Global Environmental Problems QA

1. What do you believe are the three greatest global problems we face as a human species? Explain why you selected each one and rank them in order. The three greatest global problems we face as human species are environmental destruction, technological advancement, and changing demographics, in that order. Environmental...

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Gimenez and Sen: Two Takes on Globalization

Comparing Gimenez’s and Sen’s takes on globalization, we see two distinctly different definitions of this process. Gimenez defines globalization as a term used to gloss over and obscure what is essentially capitalist development. She proposes that it is nothing more than a trendy way of talking about the increasing dominance...

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Globalization: Debunking the Myths

a) Micro-governments refer to a new phenomenon, whereby various institutions within a a nation-state are accorded more political power by the central government. Such emergence of micro-governments can be volitional or not from the perspective of the central government. For example, micro-governments can exist in the form of autonomous entities...

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Global Citizenry

In the past, numerous people defined themselves by their country of citizenship. People’s nationality frequently determined everything, from what they believed to whom they married. In some parts of the world, this mentality persists today. However, with the advent of globalization comes the creation of a new type of citizen:...

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How Has Learning About Global Citizenship Affected You?

Learning about global citizenship has been surprisingly interesting and being a global citizen has enormous responsibilities. Understanding the many elements has been demanding and meaningful. With technology, world citizen contact is immediately available. Nobody knows or cares what country one is from. People just want to get to communicate and...

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Factors of Globalization

Globalization has increased international trade by easing trade restrictions. While it has increased competition at both local and international levels, it also presents valuable opportunities to companies to expand their market size. But international experiments do not always succeed and competitive strategies that work at home may fail miserably abroad...

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Female Laborers and Globalization

It is not an exaggeration to state that in the contemporary form of globalization, dominated as it is by free-market ideology, a consumerist culture, and a global form of capitalism, what the academic literature terms the “old division of labor” remains in place, although in a form that is now...

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Global Security

The term “global security” refers to the collective effort of various nations and non-governmental organizations to deal with problems that are threatening collectively to all countries. While there are some international problems that are specific to certain countries, other problems impact and influence all nations. These are things like nuclear...

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