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Global problems

Populism as A Tool Against Globalization

It is no doubt that the extensive technological advancements in the recent decades have made it almost impossible for one to maintain a populist outlook on the world. This has rendered an appeal of populism approach in combating challenges associated with globalization almost irrelevant. Unlike the populist party of 1892-96...

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Deserts of the Modern World

A desert often refers to a certain area of land that is barren due to little precipitation. These conditions create a harsh environment for flora and fauna. A lot of the surface of the ground lacks vegetation and therefore exposed to the process of denudation. It is important to note...

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Chasing Chaos Summary

Jessica Alexander's Chasing Chaos is a personal memoir of the author's time spent working as a humanitarian aid worker in Sub-Saharan Africa and in Haiti. It can be taken to be a strictly autobiographical narrative which tells the story of person's particular development, however it also contains several elements that...

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Role of Education in Addressing Global Threats

There is perhaps no greater tool that may be utilized to escape, war, poverty, strife and sickness than education. A good education can take a child born with nothing, to heights of great power, when no other tool could have made this dream a reality. Hence, this is observed when...

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The Way to Beat Poverty

Published in The New York Times Sunday Review, the essay written by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn claims to have the panacea that will put an end to poverty. They claim this can happen simply by utilizing public health nurses as agents that engage with single mothers over the course...

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Muslims and Christians

One could find many preexisting prejudices towards people from different background. The indigenous people of America, Asia, and, Africa, had no civilization when Muslim and Christian Europeans came to them. Their lifestyle and ways were simple with no formal rules to guide their social life. Furthermore, the indigenous people did...

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How Are Children Affected by Poverty

In the two library sources they are considered to be credible for several different reasons. First, they are published, peer-reviewed journal articles found in relevant academic publications. Second, both provide information about childhood poverty from different perspectives that have been heavily researched and peer-reviewed for accuracy and authenticity. Third, the...

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Islam and Militancy

Hezbollah and ISIS are two very different entities. While both can be defined as Islamist groups, they have different goals and operate in different ways. One of the primary differences it he scope of focus, with Hezbollah focusing more on its domestic sphere and ISIS focusing much more on a...

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Global Warming

Global warming could be defined as a gradual increase in the average temperature of earth’s atmosphere and oceans (LiveScience). Global climate change could be defined as a pattern of change of global climate that has been happening over many years (EPA). The supporters of global warming provide several arguments as...

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Global Mental Health

1) Murphy’s article (see on the Humanosphere’s website regarding exclusively feeding breastmilk to babies until six months of age is one that has shocking information which can surprise those who carefully choose which formula to use for their baby. Even more surprising than the capacity of exclusive breastfeeding to...

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Global Justice

One feature of the technologically connected 21st century is that national boundaries mean less than they ever have before. Business and communication are now done on a global scale rather than a national one. This transnationality has brought to light the injustice against people from less affluent countries, caused by...

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Climate Change

My topic proposal for a global issue presentation is "Climate Change" I have chosen this subject because regardless of the controversies, it is one of the most serious global issues facing the world at this time. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the world's climate is changing. Temperatures...

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Global Crime

While terrorism is not a new feature of the global environment, today’s terrorism has reached a new threshold, with events taking place much more frequently. The Islamic State also referred to as ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh was created from broken up pieces al Qaeda in Iraq. The group was greatly...

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Worst Global Crimes

“Never talk to a stranger at all time!” a mother told her daughter in the park. Does this sound familiar? Do you remember hearing this when you were little? There is a significant reason why mothers tend to say that to their kids. Human trafficking is one of the major...

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