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Global problems

Overpopulating the World

The human population is increasing at an exponential rate. This means that its growth is proportional to its current size. The larger the population is, the more rapid the growth -- much like a snowball rolling downhill. This rapid growth is vital because of the impact it has on our...

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WHO Map – International Health

The aim of this paper is to take an in depth look at the WHO health map, and discuss the purposes that it serves. WHO utilizes the HealthMap. This interactive map was originally designed by a group of software developers, epidemiologists and researchers at the Boston Children's Hospital. It is...

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Global Warming – Cause and Effect Essay

The environment is an integral part to the ultimate survival of humankind which means that environmental degradation is a threat to humankind. Recent increases in negative natural events like tsunamis and melting icecaps among others have increased debates on the negative impacts of global warming on the environment (Allen, Seaman...

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“Save the Planet”: Critical Analysis Essay

The world is in urgent need of saving with all the internal violence, depletion of natural resources, threat of nuclear war, global warming, and pollution within the oceans, which all constantly threaten to wipe life off the face of the earth. A new possible contributor to that list are the...

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Resilience and Sustainability

Sustainability, in the event of disasters is the ability of the community to recover from these disasters using resources found within the community (Rose, 2011). For example, in the event of a flood, the affected community is said to be resilient if it has the ability to rehabilitate and resettle...

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