Method of Analysis: PMI/SIntroduction:
Facebook has helped our generation grow our business endeavors and personal relationships by allowing people to remain and contact with others without the need of mail carriers, phone cables, or face to face rendezvous. With the new conveniences of Wifi and social networking, business deals, reconnections of family and friends, and classmate collaboration and study can all occur instantaneously. When specifically talking about Facebook, I remember a time when I was getting to know two people who were not from the United States. One was from India, and the other was from Nigeria. We shared questions and answers about each other’s religions, cultures, and countries and that is when I realized that Facebook could be used for so much more than memes, fake news, and venting about very personal issues.

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Detailed Explanation:

Why did I choose this topic to analyze and talk about?

One of the biggest reasons why I/We decided to take this topic as our oral presentation is mainly because of the advancement of technology and how far and different we have achieved over the course of many years. The most important reason why I chose this as our topic to analyze is because it is probably the most important revolutionary advancement that our world has achieved in recent years.  For one, we no longer share the same methods of communication we once did a few decades ago. We no longer require a mail/telegraph system to communicate with our relatives/friends from distances. We also have the internet now, and through that Wi-Fi was created to further expand the idea of globalization which is the connection of culture, ideas, and people worldwide.

Detailed Overview:
Idea originated from group choice/work done that was researched before. The idea is about globalization and it covers the positives, negatives, speculations, as well as how we connect social media to its uses.

EXAMPLES (Feel free to make any changes or use any ideas from your own)
The positives of Globalization through Social Media or Facebook:
Communication has drastically been improved over the years as it is instantaneous
Wifi and internet has made it so we no longer need to wait for mail system
Creates even more opportunities and creativity for anyone that uses social media
(I.E. by sharing stories/ideas/art/etc)
Helps improve social skills and learning about people you have not seen before
Allows more flexible schedules for people to work/communicate without stressing about meeting up
Great way to get information as well as share
Creative way to get youth involved with current events/news

The negatives of Globalization through Social Media
It favors people who are good with technology, older generations that have never touched advanced technology will struggle or not be used to social media
There are many cases of cyber bullying and a lot of negativity on the web that might make social skills worse
Encourages stalkers as people can research intimate details about a person and learn very sensitive information about that particular person
Drastically increase the chance of being targeted as more people are able to see your opinions and ideas of what you are
Really good way to get you side tracked via procrastination

Speculation: (Ideas of what social media will bring to the future in terms of globalization)

In the near future, I speculate that huge financial, business, and governmental events will be encouraged by the use of Facebook. Facebook already has a verification system for businesses and brands and has helped break many major news stories with its Facebook Live feature. Such social journalism and branding assistance has grown Facebook into being so much more than a social networking platform that people use to share their days. It can be a blog, a business email system, a phone app/service, a platform that colleagues and peers can use to discuss issues in their fields, and a valid source of insight and data for executives and officials can use to find the desires of the people that they serve.

In the long term future, I would expect that Facebook becomes a central hub for all types of media, not just the social variety. International film, television, and journalism could be accessed by all in an instant, which would connect people from all areas and walks of life even more.