The United Nations does tremendous things to help out countries around the world. One of these amazing programs is the globally harmonized system with regards to classifying chemicals and labels. However, the U.N. cannot enforce this system on countries. Essentially, every country decides for itself how it should and will best implement the recommendations of the U.N. Currently, the political climate is one that is moving away from globalization. I wonder how this current political idea will eventually impact areas such as the GHS. In reality, we do live in a global environment. No one can change this, regardless of the political rhetoric. However, we can change how our FDA, OSHA, EPA, and other federal agencies respond. Currently, this is happening. My concern is that we will loosen the requirements for labelling chemicals as dangerous or toxic to the environment and to people. This is not fair to other countries. If other countries maintain strict requirements and follow the GHS to a dedicated level, they are at a disadvantage when countries with lax requirements deal with them from a manufacturing standpoint. For instance, the European Union often maintains much stricter guidelines concerning what can and cannot be put into food. Our FDA allows chemicals that are banned in the EU. I wonder how similar this is with manufacturing chemicals. Do we send them chemicals that are mislabeled or minimize the risks associated with them? I think they are more likely to follow the GHS than we are, or we will in the future. I think that this will have a tremendous impact on my work in the future. I do believe that it will make it more dangerous to not follow the GHS exactly. I also believe that there is an ethical issue here. I believe that it will be unethical for me to deal with others who are in a more regulated area. My labels may not be as strict, and I wonder how I will tell them this in a politically correct manner.

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