The need to address the social and economic well-being of people and families continues to be a very urgent challenge; young people are especially vulnerable. I see education and knowledge as being very important in transforming the lives of people and helping to assure a successful and happy future for young people. My academic background is in educational leadership. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in ……from…… in …….state and a Master’s degree in ……..from …. University in … state. I have thus been privileged to experience the educational system across different states while being immersed in programs that focused on education. These experiences provided a deeper insight of how the educational system is organized and operates, as well as how political, cultural, economic, and systemic forces affect educational goals. I also gained the perception that how these forces are managed is important towards delivering the intended goals of the educational system.
I have a strong interest in how educational institutions can be improved. I am passionate about working to remove the barriers that prevent children and young people from reaching their full potential in the educational system. I know that in order to be able to take up higher responsibilities in education reform or improvement efforts, I will need advanced professional knowledge and preparation as an educational leader. I would like to gain mastery of advanced analytical skills and the specialized knowledge necessary to participate in developing, shaping, and implementing the policies to address the problems experienced by educational institutions. This is the basis for my seeking to be admitted into a PH.D program in program in Educational leadership and Policy.

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XXXX …..University is well known for its excellent faculty and the high quality of all its programs. I am highly interested in the Educational Leadership and Policy program because of its goals, scope, and focus. Reading through the program overview, I believe that participating in this degree program would provide the necessary skills, knowledge, and credentials I need to become an effective educational leader. The stated goal of the program is to build leaders who can promote change in the educational system. The program is designed for candidates that are want to enter advanced careers that involve institutional assessment, leadership, and policy analysis. I am very much interested in gaining new skills as well as participating in research around educational policymaking and factors that affect educational achievement. I believe development is a continuous process and so professionals in education can learn together, whether their focus is on K-12 or higher education, to explore the forces that affect educational systems, and to develop policies that seamlessly support progress in education. A focus on both K-12 leadership and higher education will provide me with specific skills specific knowledge and skills related to both K12 and higher education leadership respectively, as well as how solutions can be merged across the educational landscape.

I currently work as a …….. playing roles that include supervising programs for educational enrichment in schools, evaluating teacher performance, and developing recommendations for improving enrichment programs in public schools. I also worked as an educator at xxx. Through these experiences, I was able to relate directly with children, working to spark inquiry and curiosity in children. Teaching children is an important hands-on experience for me as my passion is to see them reach their full potentials. Working with children provided hands on leadership skills as well as provided opportunities for evaluating their real needs. It is important to understand how children learn, the issues that affect them where they learn, as well as the system in which they learn in order to be able to design solutions that are effective. Working as an educator enabled me to see the issues that affect educational institutions both from the perspectives of students and that of teachers. I seek to gain knowledge that will help me be a change agent and educational leader for K-12 education.

My years of study in the academic system, experiences working with children in the educational system and my experiences working as an educational program administrator have provided me with the experiential and academic framework on which to do doctoral level studies on educational leadership and policy. I am aware that this level of education is rigorous and involves utmost commitment to one’s educational goals and responsibilities. I feel confident that I can draw on my background in educational leadership to successfully meet this challenge and earn a doctoral degree. I am committed to fulfilling my academic responsibilities to the best possible standards if admitted. I also know that my classmates and the entire members of the academic community would be an important resource in the learning process. I will seek to contribute to the academic community by both participating effectively and learning from others.

I would consider it an honor to be admitted into XXX University’s PhD program in Educational leadership and Policy program. My future goals include working in a position where I can use my knowledge and skills to serve as an agent of change in the educational system. I am committed to helping to improve the lives and future of children through assuring that they achieve their potentials with regards to education. An admission into this program would assure that I can fulfil this goal.