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A State of Perpetual Wonder: The Debate Over God’s Existence

In the most recent episode of Philosophy Now, William Lane Craig’s article revisits the old debate over whether or not God exists, examining the philosophical basis for arguing against those who contend that God either is no longer imminent, or that he never was. Craig traces the changes that have...

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Love and God

In the book ‘The Art of Loving’, Erich Fromm tries to find the most ideal description of love. In the second chapter of his book, The Theory of Love, Fromm contends that love is the one of the most crucial aspects that define the existence of human beings. He indicates...

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Nature of God

The most consistent factor in all of the religions that have been studied is the comprehension and dedication to the belief of a supernatural being or beings which are referred to, in some context, as God. How each religion views the concept of God greatly differs as does the way...

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Philosophy Questions

In terms of metaphysics, Descartes holds to very specific principles, all of which support his conviction that doubt is the only sure means of understanding truth and reality. The Cartesian concept of identifying existence as such relies on the philosopher's conviction that dualism is the defining aspect of human existence....

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Cosmological Argument

The cosmological argument is an attempt to prove the existence of God by choosing to observe and isolate different parts of the world around us humans. It starts with one definitive, obvious truth: things exist in some form in our world. From there, the cosmological argument posits that the mere...

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The Ontological Argument

This essay concerns the ontological argument for God's existence. It will provide an elaboration of the argument as it exists in the work of Anselm and Descartes and point to one major difference between them. The Ontological argument is an a-priori argument for the existence of God. It attempts to...

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Comparing Pandora and Eve

Pandora and Eve share a fair amount of characteristics. In Christian Mythology, Eve was the first woman to be created by God, her creation beginning when God took a rib from Adam and used it to grow Eve. Pandora, on the other hand, was the first human woman to be...

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American God

The god identified is Romantica, and she is the goddess responsible for creating perfect, romantic love and happiness for men and women of all orientations. She is a female who is ageless; sometimes she appears as a young woman, and sometimes as female of advanced age. Physically, however, she always...

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The Existence of God

The existence of God remains an object of heated religious, social, and cultural debates. Numerous arguments, philosophies, and theories were developed to prove or deny that God exists. The text provides a summary and evaluation of the main arguments to prove that God exists. The ontological, teleological and cosmological arguments...

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God Must Exist

God must exist, for the very idea of him existing is his existence During my reading of Anselm’s treatise on the existence of God, I came to realise that all who questioned God’s existence – those of us who walk on this earth every day battling with believers and trying...

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Are The “Gods” Of Other Religions The Same As The God Of The Bible?

Introduction: Where is the motivation to think about that Gods of other religions are the same as the God of the Bible? For various reasons, from the hope of ecumenical dialogue to general political correctness. Therefore, conflicts between religions are based on the exclusion of the idea that all religions...

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Three Persons in One God

The concept of the Holy Trinity is fundamental to Christianity and has given rise to a host of obfuscation by both Christians and non-Christians a like. The Christian tradition speaks of God as a Trinity. We all talk about their being one God consisting of three persons. I choose my...

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Their Eyes Were Watching God

In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston uses a number of different devices to communicate the important themes of the work to her readers. As a very visual writer, she liked to paint a clear picture of what was taking place to her readers. Her ability to use descriptive language...

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God Grandeur

Gerard M. Hopkin’s poem, “God Grandeur”, is describing the glory of God and how intense he is. He believes God’s power grows and can spread everywhere, but inquires as to why men do not see or use this power like they should. He is speaking again from his Jesuit perception...

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Discussion: El Dorado and the Wrath of God

The following paper analysis’s two online historical clips that focus on the Spanish conquest of South America (1519-1521). The aim is to identify the differences in approach to these two clips before assessing the merits and detriments of historical movies to the discipline of history as a whole with a...

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The Godfather Genre

According to its very definition, the genre film implies limitations and boundaries. The etymology of the term “genre” originates from the French, meaning “of a kind.” Accordingly, in the context of genre in relation to forms of art, such as film, the intuitive association that arises is one of clearly...

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Pressure to Find God: Salvation and the Charismatic Church

After reading Langston Hughes's “Salvation,” there is a strong sense of how likely it is that a child, or even an adult, would experience a need to express being saved when this does not actually happen. It is human nature, first of all, to want to feel and think in...

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Is Suffering Compatible with a Loving and Omnipotent God?

An all-powerful God who genuinely cares about people could very easily construct a world in which there was no such things as earthquakes or famine or devastating floods or cancer. In fact, an all-powerful God could construct for His creation a world in which nothing bad ever happened to anyone....

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Reflection Paper About God

It seems that Christians and all those who practice faiths holding to a single God have always been troubled by an unanswered question. God has limitless power and can do anything, yet many who are innocent of wrongdoing and who live according to the morality of their faith face great...

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God and Suffering

People often suffer terribly because of things like disease and natural disasters. Is this fact incompatible with the belief that there is an all-powerful God who cares about people? My answer to this question is that the suffering of people because of natural forces such as disease and natural disasters...

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