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The Ontological Argument

This essay concerns the ontological argument for God's existence. It will provide an elaboration of the argument as it exists in the work of Anselm and Descartes and point to one major difference between them. The Ontological argument is an a-priori argument for the existence of God. It attempts to...

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Comparing Pandora and Eve

Pandora and Eve share a fair amount of characteristics. In Christian Mythology, Eve was the first woman to be created by God, her creation beginning when God took a rib from Adam and used it to grow Eve. Pandora, on the other hand, was the first human woman to be...

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American God

The god identified is Romantica, and she is the goddess responsible for creating perfect, romantic love and happiness for men and women of all orientations. She is a female who is ageless; sometimes she appears as a young woman, and sometimes as female of advanced age. Physically, however, she always...

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The Existence of God

The existence of God remains an object of heated religious, social, and cultural debates. Numerous arguments, philosophies, and theories were developed to prove or deny that God exists. The text provides a summary and evaluation of the main arguments to prove that God exists. The ontological, teleological and cosmological arguments...

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God Must Exist

God must exist, for the very idea of him existing is his existence During my reading of Anselm’s treatise on the existence of God, I came to realise that all who questioned God’s existence – those of us who walk on this earth every day battling with believers and trying...

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