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God Must Exist

God must exist, for the very idea of him existing is his existence During my reading of Anselm’s treatise on the existence of God, I came to realise that all who questioned God’s existence – those of us who walk on this earth every day battling with believers and trying...

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Three Persons in One God

The concept of the Holy Trinity is fundamental to Christianity and has given rise to a host of obfuscation by both Christians and non-Christians a like. The Christian tradition speaks of God as a Trinity. We all talk about their being one God consisting of three persons. I choose my...

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Their Eyes Were Watching God

In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston uses a number of different devices to communicate the important themes of the work to her readers. As a very visual writer, she liked to paint a clear picture of what was taking place to her readers. Her ability to use descriptive language...

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Discussion: El Dorado and the Wrath of God

The following paper analysis’s two online historical clips that focus on the Spanish conquest of South America (1519-1521). The aim is to identify the differences in approach to these two clips before assessing the merits and detriments of historical movies to the discipline of history as a whole with a...

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The Godfather Genre

According to its very definition, the genre film implies limitations and boundaries. The etymology of the term “genre” originates from the French, meaning “of a kind.” Accordingly, in the context of genre in relation to forms of art, such as film, the intuitive association that arises is one of clearly...

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