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The Godfather Genre

According to its very definition, the genre film implies limitations and boundaries. The etymology of the term “genre” originates from the French, meaning “of a kind.” Accordingly, in the context of genre in relation to forms of art, such as film, the intuitive association that arises is one of clearly...

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Pressure to Find God: Salvation and the Charismatic Church

After reading Langston Hughes's “Salvation,” there is a strong sense of how likely it is that a child, or even an adult, would experience a need to express being saved when this does not actually happen. It is human nature, first of all, to want to feel and think in...

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Is Suffering Compatible with a Loving and Omnipotent God?

An all-powerful God who genuinely cares about people could very easily construct a world in which there was no such things as earthquakes or famine or devastating floods or cancer. In fact, an all-powerful God could construct for His creation a world in which nothing bad ever happened to anyone....

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Reflection Paper About God

It seems that Christians and all those who practice faiths holding to a single God have always been troubled by an unanswered question. God has limitless power and can do anything, yet many who are innocent of wrongdoing and who live according to the morality of their faith face great...

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God and Suffering

People often suffer terribly because of things like disease and natural disasters. Is this fact incompatible with the belief that there is an all-powerful God who cares about people? My answer to this question is that the suffering of people because of natural forces such as disease and natural disasters...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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