Currently, Google is the best search engine in generating traffic. It has a market share of more than 70%. To maintain its competitive advantage in the market, Google needs to come up with new innovative strategies against rival search engine companies. The first approach that Google needs to adapt to make sure it maintains its competitive advantage in the market is constant innovation. This will see Google become a technological leader. The driving force of the search engine industry is coming up with services that can satisfy the changing demands of its users (Magretta, 2012). Conversely, if Google Company attains the position of a technological leader, then it will stay ahead of its rivals. Google should take responsibility of the changes taking place in the search engine companies. Its competency and leadership role will be very critical in ensuring that Google increases its market share and retains its position in the market.
The second recommendation for Google to maintain its competitive advantage over its rival is by broadening its horizons of the product portfolio. This strategy will see Google increase its audience. For instance, Google search tools such as Google Maps. Product diversification is very critical in widening the customer base (White et al, 2011). Google ought to take advantage of the diversification strategy.

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The other strategy that will see Google maintain its competitive advantage is having their Human resource department focus on employing the best IT professional. They should have strategies in place aimed at attracting the best talents in the market. Because search engines companies strive because of innovation, then having the good working environment and staff friendly policies will see the company attract top experts in the market. Having the top talents in its workforce will see Google retain its competitiveness in the market.

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