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Corporate Impact On The Community: Google Inc. (GOOGL)

Google Inc. provides services related to the Internet, such as search engines, advertising, cloud based services, and software. Google began in 1997 as an outgrowth of a search engine project at Stanford University. By 1999, Google’s search engine had earned a reputation for returning accurate search results (, 2016). In...

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Google: Corporate Profile

While having an attempt to do the right things only, Google implements this strategy in developing its business as well. At first, this task seems exaggerated, as the company deals with the information gathered from all over the world in order to make it well-organized and generally accessible. It is...

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International Strategic Management

Leading organizations in the world undoubtedly employ unique and effective strategic management skills to remain profitable and wade off competitors. While some of these strategies last for a short duration, partially attributed to trends, some are developed to be the backbone of a business; therefore requiring to be long term...

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Google Financial Analysis

I have chosen Google because the company enjoys a unique position in its industry that very few companies in any industry can lay claims to. The name ‘Google’ has become synonymous with web search and its dominant position has not faced a serious challenge in over a decade despite the...

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Analysis of Recruiting and Retention at Google Incorporated

The world renowned technological company, Google Incorporated, is known for its innovative focus on customer development as well technological improvements and most significantly, its unique and highly effective recruiting and retention strategies. Google’s current recruiting strategy is extensively focused on filling senior leadership positions and subsequently operating a top-down strategy...

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