There are several individuals and entitties that are able to influence public managers. The legislative branch, executive branch, interest groups, corporations, and public agencies as well as non-profit agencies influence governmental spending, bills that are passed, amendments, and just about every other aspect of how our country is run. Every day new laws are discussed, new policies are being drawn up, and new individuals are entering the Governmental sector. This paper will discuss how individual citizens as well as the media are able to influence public managers.

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Public managers feel pressure from all directions at times. Legislators are known to call administrators and press them for information as well as pressure them to make certain decisions. (Rainey, 2014). The public has access to telephone numbers for public managers as well. Whenever anyone from the public feels strongly enough about an issue, they call the agencies responsible to take action and voice their opinions. They get their friends, family, and neighbors to do this as well. They also call their legislators, their senators, and their representatives to ask them to pressure the public managers as well. Individual citizens also have a vote in elections to change laws, pass policies, and call for changes. Citizens are also able to apply for Government jobs that might be in a position to directly affect change and directly influence public managers.

The media has a significant influence on public managers. Media has the power to influence common citizens, and public figures alike. Depending on how the media portrays policies, and managers, they may or may not pass in the public eye. Some Government positions are appointed, and some are voted in. If the media portrays a negative image of a person, they probably won’t be voted in or appointed. Chief executives care able to direct agencies through orders and directives. (Rainey, 2014). If they are up for re-election, and the media is continuously promoting a certain issue because the majority of citizens support it, chances are the executive will promote it as well, and direct agencies and appointed managers to stand behind it as well. Individual citizens and the media have an immense power to influence public managers.

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