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Dual Federalism

Dual federalism, which is used in the United States, is a form of government in which the power is shared between the union of states and the federal government. Under this arrangement, however, the federal government has more power than any one state. Cooperative federalism is a kind of government...

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The British And US Systems Of Government

Although the United States and the United Kingdom are both considered Western democracies, each of these democracies comes with its own distinct flavor. In the United Kingdom, political parties and figures are not allowed to buy broadcasting time. The election season lasts for only four weeks and transitions are nearly...

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Politics Beyond The State

In his essay Politics beyond the State, Wapner elaborates on how non-governmental organizations change the international system of governance. First, Wapner (1995) focuses on the ability of non-governmental organizations to create new values and expectations. The author describes the process of disseminating ecological sensibility as a method for building a...

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New Deal Politics

The 1936 presidential election provided the perfect platform for the proponents of the New Deal – chiefly, Franklin Roosevelt – and the opponents of its policies, embodied in Republican candidate Alf Landon, to air their disagreements. One of the chief disagreements was over the role and size of the federal...

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A Failed Attempt to Govern?

According to Wood, the Articles of Confederation that preceded the United States’ Constitution did not do much to limit or curtail the sovereignty of the individual states in the Union. There is, of course, language in the Articles themselves that supports this view. For example, Article II expressly states that...

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