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Dual Federalism

Dual federalism, which is used in the United States, is a form of government in which the power is shared between the union of states and the federal government. Under this arrangement, however, the federal government has more power than any one state. Cooperative federalism is a kind of government...

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The British And US Systems Of Government

Although the United States and the United Kingdom are both considered Western democracies, each of these democracies comes with its own distinct flavor. In the United Kingdom, political parties and figures are not allowed to buy broadcasting time. The election season lasts for only four weeks and transitions are nearly...

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Politics Beyond The State

In his essay Politics beyond the State, Wapner elaborates on how non-governmental organizations change the international system of governance. First, Wapner (1995) focuses on the ability of non-governmental organizations to create new values and expectations. The author describes the process of disseminating ecological sensibility as a method for building a...

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New Deal Politics

The 1936 presidential election provided the perfect platform for the proponents of the New Deal – chiefly, Franklin Roosevelt – and the opponents of its policies, embodied in Republican candidate Alf Landon, to air their disagreements. One of the chief disagreements was over the role and size of the federal...

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A Failed Attempt to Govern?

According to Wood, the Articles of Confederation that preceded the United States’ Constitution did not do much to limit or curtail the sovereignty of the individual states in the Union. There is, of course, language in the Articles themselves that supports this view. For example, Article II expressly states that...

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Dichotomy In Politics And Public Administration

According the Long, the political system in the United States does not generate enough power in any one leadership role to allow for Wilson’s notion of a dichotomy between the administration and politics to work. A formal chain of command does not have enough power to trickle down to the...

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Intergovernmental Organization (IGO) is an agreement between nations based certain conditions and formalities with desired goal for the benefit of all parties or nations involved. The formation of IGO was based on common interests between the nations, and its main presuppositions emphasized on conflict resolution, international cooperation, and promotion of...

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Comparing and Contrasting the Virginia and New Jersey Plans presented at the Constitutional Convention.

This paper seeks to discuss the similarities and differences in the plans put forth by Randolph and Patterson in Virginia and New Jersey states respectively. It also seeks to establish the plan which seems to give more powers to the new federal government. The two propositions describe the composition and...

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Progressivism in the United States

Progressivism in the United States was not one single movement but a series of movements that led to reform, relief and recovery. These movements aimed at making the government more efficient, regulating banks, bettering social work and labor. The movement took hold early during the 20th century from about the...

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Federal Agencies in Homeland Security

After the 9/11/2001 attacks on the US, President George Bush proposed the formation of the Office of Homeland Security (OHS). The key missions of the Office would be to defend the borders of the country, to enhance critical infrastructure protection, and to improve the management capacity of the nation, especially...

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Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is directed by William Craig Fugate and has been in this position since May of 2009. He has taken the approach of utilizing the whole community when it comes to preparing for emergencies. This approach requires an active collaboration between all levels of government....

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American Government

In the constitutional system of America, the government’s coordinate branch is charged with sustaining the institution equilibrium, with everyone examining the other to avoid unwarranted power concentration. One of the ways that the President assists in upholding that the inter-branch balances are by the assenting roles within the legislative procedure....

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The End of Government As We Know It

In her book, The End of Government..As We Know It, Elaine Kamarck discusses some of the criticisms of government in general and some of the ways that she thinks things will be changing in the near future. She notes that over the last few decades, it has become much more...

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Purposes of Government

One of the debate issues that always manage to stay alive in America is the role of the government in the society. The answer to this question even gives us clues into the potential political affiliation of an individual. Some believe the government’s role should be limited to creation and...

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Issues and Dilemmas of Contemporary Public Administration

Public administrators face many dilemmas when they are conducting their jobs. Government work is not always seen as customer friendly, and many positions that public administrators have are not fully understood or appreciated by citizens. That being said, government work can be highly rewarding in the services that are provided...

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3 Branches of the Federal Government

While the federal government shares some similarities with state government, there are critical differences to consider, too. In California, the legislative branch offers a picture of how these two levels are the same and different in myriad ways. One of the key similarities between the federal legislative branch and the...

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SOPA and PIPA – Government Electronic Regulation

In the United States, the federal government has become increasingly interested in regulating the online sphere and getting a firm grasp on technology. This is a change for the government, as well. For the longest time, many of the nation’s laws have been ill-prepared to deal with the changes in...

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The 1776 and Influence Of Iroquois Confederacy on Structure of Us Government

According to several research based studies and reports, the Iroquois confederacy was one of the historical government systems which were formed in around early 1100 especially in North America (Iroquois Confederacy, 2015). The structure and organization of this government influenced the activities and practices of the government of the United...

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The Most Powerful Branch of Government: The Executive Branch

Abstract The Presidency was designed to be a powerful executive, but changes over time may have given the President too much power. This paper demonstrates areas in which presidential powers have increased by design or circumstance, creating the danger of presidential overreach. These areas include war powers, economic powers, social...

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Mayors and Chiefs

In the article, “Mayors and Chiefs”, one police department experienced a change in police chief seven times within one decade. This issue started when the original police chief was elected mayor, however, had trouble maintaining his position throughout following elections. Every time there was a shift in administration, there as...

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