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Issues and Dilemmas of Contemporary Public Administration

Public administrators face many dilemmas when they are conducting their jobs. Government work is not always seen as customer friendly, and many positions that public administrators have are not fully understood or appreciated by citizens. That being said, government work can be highly rewarding in the services that are provided...

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3 Branches of the Federal Government

While the federal government shares some similarities with state government, there are critical differences to consider, too. In California, the legislative branch offers a picture of how these two levels are the same and different in myriad ways. One of the key similarities between the federal legislative branch and the...

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SOPA and PIPA – Government Electronic Regulation

In the United States, the federal government has become increasingly interested in regulating the online sphere and getting a firm grasp on technology. This is a change for the government, as well. For the longest time, many of the nation’s laws have been ill-prepared to deal with the changes in...

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The 1776 and Influence Of Iroquois Confederacy on Structure of Us Government

According to several research based studies and reports, the Iroquois confederacy was one of the historical government systems which were formed in around early 1100 especially in North America (Iroquois Confederacy, 2015). The structure and organization of this government influenced the activities and practices of the government of the United...

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The Most Powerful Branch of Government: The Executive Branch

Abstract The Presidency was designed to be a powerful executive, but changes over time may have given the President too much power. This paper demonstrates areas in which presidential powers have increased by design or circumstance, creating the danger of presidential overreach. These areas include war powers, economic powers, social...

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Mayors and Chiefs

In the article, “Mayors and Chiefs”, one police department experienced a change in police chief seven times within one decade. This issue started when the original police chief was elected mayor, however, had trouble maintaining his position throughout following elections. Every time there was a shift in administration, there as...

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Governments of Mississippi and New Mexico

In the U.S., states are enjoying the relative autonomy from Washington. This right has been granted by the Constitution and protected ever since. Originally, the federal government has been put in charge of foreign and military affairs, and the states have been assigned to regulate local policies that had a...

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Functions and Roles of Congress

There are seven main functions of congress. Under the lawmaking function Congress has the responsibility to establish public policy for the nation. While the President must still sign a bill into law and can veto it, Congress can still override the veto. Laws may be created about issues such as...

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Government Influence

There are several individuals and entitties that are able to influence public managers. The legislative branch, executive branch, interest groups, corporations, and public agencies as well as non-profit agencies influence governmental spending, bills that are passed, amendments, and just about every other aspect of how our country is run. Every...

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Budget: Federal, State, and Local Level of Government

Public budgeting occurs at the federal, state, and local levels of government. However, they “differ consistently from one another”. (9) The federal government’s budgeting is very “unique” because its expenses are greater than revenues most of the time. (10) The state government takes care of the large size revenues and...

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American Government Assignment Two

2. Define or explain the following as it relates to the concept of federalism: Make sure you give a definition of each before giving examples. a. devolution revolution – a new federalism movement in which the rights of states are increased (33). Under the devolution revolution, the federal government transfers...

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The Problems the Government Faces with Social Security

The Social Security Act of 1935 put into place a program meant to provide payments for a retired worker for the rest of that worker’s life (U.S. Department of Treasury). President Roosevelt explained that the program was meant to, “give some measure of protection to the average citizen…against poverty ridden...

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The Legislative Branch of Government

Of the three branches of government – executive, legislative and judicial – the legislative branch is the most powerful. Each branch has a delineated scope of authority with unique responsibilities in the government. The legislature makes the laws, the executive branch implements the laws and the judiciary interprets the laws....

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Government Recommendations

Since governments and their charters or constitutions are made by humans, they are not perfect. Humans are far from perfect, as individuals or as a species. It would be impossible for them to make a perfect constitution in the hopes of establishing the ideal government. However, there are a number...

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Kofi Annan, the U.N. Secretary General

When Kofi Annan was elected U.N. Secretary General in 1996, he announced that as the U.N. chief official, his role was not only bureaucratic, but also “a political and diplomatic role, and above all a moral voice, which should be heard periodically when necessary” (Williams 20). This pursuit of moral...

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Czech Mate: Vladimir Zelezny

What value is Vladimir Zelezny providing to TV Nova?Vladimir Zelezny provided complementary capabilities and resources to TV Nova, which complemented CEM’s resources and skills. In this case, Zelezny’s complementary capabilities were related to his access to knowledge about the local TV market having been a producer, journalist, and former Czech...

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Government Contract Process

1. The Department of Defense in particular seemed to take into account the suggestions from the Office of Management and Budget. In particular, one of the changes the DOD seemed to make to its process was to link award contracts to certain performance incentives. If the goal of government contracting...

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Effects of Illegal Immigrants on Budget Costs for Federal and Local Governments

Illegal immigrants affect the local economies in many ways. An evaluation of the effects reveals that the areas where the illegal immigrants are perceived to have a negative effect on the economies are not true. In fact, the perception of negative effects has been shown to be untrue by research...

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The History of Texas Government

The basic document of governing in the state of Texas is known as the Texas Constitution, originally taking effect in the year of 1876. It is the seventh in its particular state's line of history and the fifth since the region of Texas achieved official statehood. According to Article 17...

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Powers of The Texas Governor

The Governor of Texas is the chief executive for the State of Texas and the Commander in Chief for the state’s military entities. The governor is a member of a plural executive that includes the Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Comptroller of Public Accounts . The governor appoints the Secretary...

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