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Government Activity in Texas

Political culture can be defined as people’s shared beliefs, values, and habits pertaining to government and politics (Texas Politics-Texas Political Culture). The political culture of Texas is said to be based off of three key ideological concepts: economic liberalism (a strong belief in a free market economy), social conservatism (traditional...

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Texas Government 2306

1. Sales and taxes are two the most common ways for a state to generate revenues. On the one hand, in such a way people pay for the services and goods the state provides them. On the other hand, it is not quite fair to pay the government for what...

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Democratic Governance and Policy Networks

Immigration has been a hot-button topic of debate in the news as well as in the debates for the upcoming federal elections in the United States. Especially with recent acts of terrorism, people feel very strongly on either side of the fence regarding the allowance of illegal immigrants, from latino...

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Government Surveillance and Ethics

The enhancement of communication through mobile and wireless technologies is testament to the positive contributions of technological advances to modern society. These technological advances also represent a platform through which terrorist acts can be reduced and eliminated, specifically through surveillance. This is in consideration of the September 11 attacks and...

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Texas Government

In political elections, results are determined by gerrymandering and Voter ID registration laws. However, these political exercises as gerrymandering and voter ID laws could either be racially motivated or based on political machinations. Gerrymandering refers to redistricting that favors a single political party. Indeed, Gerrymandering originated in the United States...

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