Governor’s budget priorities
Tom Wolf is a governor of Pennsylvania. The governor came up with a budget that is aimed at reducing deficit being seen and changing the lives of the residents. The governor has prioritized the following in the budget:
Increasing investments in schools that have experienced cuts. This will prepare the children of the area for middle-class jobs. The children will be able to access a good education system where teachers are equipped with all the required resources for service delivery (Snyder, 2015).
Reduce taxes in order to attract many investors to invest in the area and create more jobs. The homeowners will also pay less tax due to the reduction of property tax by fifty percent. The tax burden on average middle-class individuals will also be reduced.
Create a government that performs its role efficiently through streamlining bureaucracy.

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There are three programs that have been proposed by the governor. The first program is “Made in Pennsylvania” cash-back jobs program. This program has the aim of returning manufacturing jobs back to the state. This idea will be possible through giving the companies a five percent cash payment on new taxable income. The move will make the companies increase their annual taxable payrolls and create middle-class jobs that are solid. Grant and loan program will also be created, where the companies within the state will benefit from this move. The companies will get the first priority when it comes to the loans and grants being given (Snyder, 2015). The other program proposed by the governor is apprenticeship and job training programs. The program will be carried out at the community colleges, and it will be aimed at helping the middle-class families to get a transition to their jobs in the new economy proposed by the governor.

Supporters of the budget
The budget will be supported by the individuals who will benefit from it. The teachers, parents, and learners will support it because they will see positive changes in the education sector. The middle-income earners and homeowners will also benefit from the move due to a reduction in the taxation. The governor’s budget is also championed by the Majority Leader of the Republican House. The other members of the party also agree with the ideas of the governor. The move of raising the sales tax from six percent to six point six percent is a move supported by both the leader from Democratic and Republican parties. The budget is likely to be objected by the gas producing companies due to the introduction of taxation that was not present previously (Snyder, 2015).

People affected
A number of people will be affected by the changes to be made in the new budget. The vulnerable Pennsylvanians will have access to better education that was previously not present. There will be more jobs due to the reduction of taxes aimed at attracting investors (Snyder, 2015). The workers who are having a very minimum wage will see an increase in their salaries. People will easily access the government’s services due to removal of elements relating to bureaucracy.

The budget proposed by the government is good to the people of Pennsylvania. Education is very important. This is because it will produce individuals who are well equipped to work in various sectors. This idea is very appropriate. Having individuals who are well educated, but with no employment opportunities is like doing nothing. The idea of reducing taxes so as to attract investors to create more employment opportunities is another good move. The idea of increasing income tax is not good. In his statement, the governor said that many residents of the state are middle-income earner, and increasing the income tax will increase the tax burden for them.