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Green Technology

The Turbine Technology

The report provides a speculative analysis of the turbine technology proposed for use at Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon. The analysis incudes an evaluation of the methods of calculation of the flow of power as well as the variables required in the calculation. The report will in addition cover the concept...

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Environment and Business

World trade opening out has brought about the issue of the connection between trade and the environment. This relationship is a complex and an exceedingly debated matter. Environmental issues have proved to impact the way global businesses operate. Increased universal economic inter-dependence and heightened trade liberalization makes it even more...

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Climate Policy in the Age of Trump: A Plausible Way Forward

In their article "Climate Policy in the Age of Trump: A Plausible Way Forward", authors Ted Nordhaus, Alex Trembath, and Jessica Lovering make the argument that new President Trump's hostility to climate policy may in fact actually have a beneficial effect on significant environmental issues such as climate change. Whereas...

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Device for Use by People with Hoarseness

The purpose of this memo is to propose a project to develop a device that will help people with hoarseness to communicate more clearly. Verbal communication is an important part of human interactions. Any conditions that affect the ability of an individual in speech affects the ability of such a...

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Motivation for Using Green Technology and Nuclear Power

I) One of the main pros of nuclear energy is that it does not release greenhouse gases, so it contributes very little to climate change, as compared to both conventional and other alternative energy sources (Brook and Bradshaw 2015). It is also currently cost-competitive with other renewable energy sources, but...

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