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Green Technology

Environment and Business

World trade opening out has brought about the issue of the connection between trade and the environment. This relationship is a complex and an exceedingly debated matter. Environmental issues have proved to impact the way global businesses operate. Increased universal economic inter-dependence and heightened trade liberalization makes it even more...

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Climate Policy in the Age of Trump: A Plausible Way Forward

In their article "Climate Policy in the Age of Trump: A Plausible Way Forward", authors Ted Nordhaus, Alex Trembath, and Jessica Lovering make the argument that new President Trump's hostility to climate policy may in fact actually have a beneficial effect on significant environmental issues such as climate change. Whereas...

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Device for Use by People with Hoarseness

The purpose of this memo is to propose a project to develop a device that will help people with hoarseness to communicate more clearly. Verbal communication is an important part of human interactions. Any conditions that affect the ability of an individual in speech affects the ability of such a...

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Motivation for Using Green Technology and Nuclear Power

I) One of the main pros of nuclear energy is that it does not release greenhouse gases, so it contributes very little to climate change, as compared to both conventional and other alternative energy sources (Brook and Bradshaw 2015). It is also currently cost-competitive with other renewable energy sources, but...

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Use of Lights in Greenhouse: Comparing Sources

Introduction An artificial light source is necessary for areas where natural light is not enough to support optimal plant growth. For instance, during summers, container crops can be moved indoors and supplied with the light they need by artificial sources. This means that adverse seasonal effects on plants yields are...

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Rainwater Retention Advantages Of A Green Roof

Impervious roofs increase runoff and flooding, but green roofs can assist with flood mitigation. Intensive green roofs have deep soil and more diverse vegetation. They can retain up to 90% of rainfall from a small storm, but many factors affect retention. A higher level of organic matter in the soil...

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Green Design

Prabaharan (2012) defines green design is the engagement of developing a product or infrastructure in a way that is environmentally friendly. The design is more inclined towards the built environment with the aim of ensuring that the natural environment is protected (Prabaharan, 2012). The author asserts that integration of different...

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Green Technology: Energy Efficiency Technologies

When it comes to lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, congregation can significantly lower emissions as it combines the generation of power with capturing the heat generated for other uses. While technologies such as natural gas are around 60% energy efficient, the use of congregation can increase this efficiency up to...

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Green Technology: Cost-Effectiveness Of Renewable Energy

There have been many different projections as to how much of the world’s energy supply could be provided by renewables alone. In the coming decades, renewables could supply around 57% of the world energy needs by 2050 if significant more investment in renewables occurs (IEA, 2012). In addition, it is...

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Green Computing

Green computing refers to the idea that the computers, computing and the online world can be more ecological friendly, employing green energy which does not contribute to carbon in the atmosphere, and using non-toxic materials to manufacture the computing devices themselves. Energy sources for computers and computing functions are derived...

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Renewable Energy

SolarSolar energy is renewable because the sun never stops shining. Humans do not have to create any input in order to receive energy from the sun. The sun is available anywhere on earth, but only if the infrastructure is available to capture it. The earth receives enough energy from the...

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East Orange, New Jersey: Sustainability Proposal

The objective of this work in writing is to present a sustainability proposal for the city of East Orange, New Jersey. Green Infrastructure According to the Sustainable Cities Institute (2016) there are various means of creating ‘green infrastructure. One of these methods is known as ‘curb planting’. The Sustainable Cities...

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