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Green Technology

Green Computing

Green computing refers to the idea that the computers, computing and the online world can be more ecological friendly, employing green energy which does not contribute to carbon in the atmosphere, and using non-toxic materials to manufacture the computing devices themselves. Energy sources for computers and computing functions are derived...

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Renewable Energy

SolarSolar energy is renewable because the sun never stops shining. Humans do not have to create any input in order to receive energy from the sun. The sun is available anywhere on earth, but only if the infrastructure is available to capture it. The earth receives enough energy from the...

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East Orange, New Jersey: Sustainability Proposal

The objective of this work in writing is to present a sustainability proposal for the city of East Orange, New Jersey. Green Infrastructure According to the Sustainable Cities Institute (2016) there are various means of creating ‘green infrastructure. One of these methods is known as ‘curb planting’. The Sustainable Cities...

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