The concept of Gross National Happiness is similar to that of Gross National Product except that the happiness and well-being of the citizens is the focus instead of their economic outputs. I think that this concept is a very interesting one that should be utilized by more nations and governments. This concept would be useful because there is a growing dedication to the field of mental health and this government survey actually takes things like psychological well-being and resilience into account when collecting data from citizens.

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Questions like how happy I felt yesterday or what I defined as a happy life were two that stumped me, as I have been very busy lately and did not really think about if I was truly happy or not in the past week. In fact, I still do not know what I would define a happy life as being. I think that programs and surveys like this would do people good because I know that there are other people like me who always focus on staying busy and never focus on taking care of themselves and working on their passions.

I am interested in how the government officials of developed countries would answer the questionnaire. They often have some of the most stressful jobs in the world. Others, in contrast use their public seats to steal from the people and make as much of a profit as possible because they are discovered. Another aspect of this concept that interests me is if it could be used to consider if a person is eligible for certain insurances or not. I would assume that a happier person is a healthier person, and if insurance companies can see if a person I highly stressed or not, that may affect what kinds of premiums that they offer.