Among many facts that explain current issues in regards to gun control, many facts come up that explain the current state of the issue. In fact, several facts might have drastic consequences for understanding the need for the regulation in the mentioned area. In fact, one shall mention that the presented fact evidence the necessity to take a harsher attitude towards the issue.
First of all, one shall be aware that the US represents the country with the biggest concentration of armed public servants and civilians. These days, one shall remark that civilians possess almost 270 million firearms whereas police possesses 897,000. While referring to statistics, one shall be aware that approximately 20% of guns owners comprise about 65% of the general gun possession in the United States.

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One of the most reputable agencies that make reports on the following issue, The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms issued a report that states that about 5.5 million of new firearms were manufactured in the United States since 2010 until these days. Moreover, 95% of these guys were sold in the US market. Such a statistics provides a particular evidence of the prevalent beneficiaries of gun selling.

What is even more striking, is the fact that since 2011, about 33.00 citizens of the United States were reported victims of gun-related deaths, meaning that about 268 citizens are being shot each day. What is even more striking is the fact that in 2011, 10.3 among the group of 100.000 people reported to be victims of gun-related deaths. Thus, such data non-doubtfully evidences the elements of controversies towards tackling these types of issues.

Beyond the mentioned facts, there are also some striking elements present in regards tp buyers and sellers of the gun. Specifically, until these days potential buyers of a gun in the US. Private sales do not have to go through the background check in order to possess the weapon. Such an attitude enables the possibility for criminals and people with severe mental illnesses to be involved in gun accidents.

According to the data coming from the federal government, in the months from January to November of 2012, there were 16.8 million background checks on legal gun purchases performed which were an absolute record since 1998. However, even though there were background checks carried out, the situation with the diminishing influence on gun possession did not change in any sufficient way.

Besides, social factors also play an important role in the mass shooting. Statistically, one may note that since 1950 every mass public shooting that took place occurred in the place where civilians were banned from carrying firearms. That evidences that some of the social motivation takes place when one is looking for the case to get involved.

On the governmental level, there were certain initiatives launched by the US. President Barack Obama. In fact, in January 2013 he presented a comprehensive plan on prevention of gun violence in the United States. There were certain important elements included in the plan. First, it stressed on improving background checks. Also, the plan had an element on banning assault weapons and large numbers of ammunition, among the given provision.

These days, the situation gained even harshed implication and more media attention. Now, one looks into the necessity to introduce the harsher regulation on the state level, given the fact of mass regulation and absence of gun control. Thus, presented facts illustrate the scope of the issue in the broader perspective for the involved audience in those matters.

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